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We Have Someone In Our Corner

3 Feb

From the Heart

Louise Gibson



Life can be hard sometimes.
The skies are not always blue.
It helps to know there is someone
who will say, “I believe in you.”


We all need encouragement at times.
Things don’t always turn out as we plan.
But no matter what the challenge may be,
reach out to your fellow man.


A house is made of walls and beams-
a home is built with love and dreams.
The voice that everyone wants to hear
stems from a heart sincere and dear.


We do have someone in our corner who cares.
He welcomes “Come unto Me”.
When you have a burden it helps to share.
He holds the key to our destiny.



Success and Burdens

22 Oct

On the Porch
Onisha Ellis

I'm a winner

We were blessed to have a visit from my aunt and cousin recently. We did a whole lot of eating and a whole lot of talking. One evening we even went to the performing arts center to see Jeanne Robertson. She is one of my favorite comediennes and all of her material is clean and funny. I first saw her at a Women of Faith conference and have watched many of her clips on You Tube. If you have the chance, catch her tour. I know she will be in Florida in April. This is a clip of my favorite story.

On Monday my cousin and I went on a final jaunt around town. We did a little shopping, ate some Chinese food and scoped out the new location of a doctor’s office. Of course we got a bit turned around and that was a good thing. There is this mystery store in town that I have been looking for. I call it a mystery because I had heard about it but could not remember where it was located. As we wandered around, my cousin pointed to a store and asked what kind of store is that? I looked and yelled, I want to go there! She whipped the car around in the middle of the street and right into a parking place. I was impressed. It takes my husband a little longer to react, which is why I haven’t made it into the store. We walked across the street only to discover the shop was not open any longer…BUT it was still an operational facility AND the owner offered us a tour. (Yea!) The business is Appalachian Harvest  according to their website:

“Owners, Kim and Kevin Baldwin, founded Appalachian Harvest in 1998. “Our gourmet condiments are still made in small batches, hand stirred and hand poured, just like grandma made”. No artificial colors or preservatives are used, letting the natural flavors come through. Appalachian Harvest adds a unique ingredient to all of their products, love!

These products have been featured in Taste of the South magazine, and were used for catering the 2005 Superbowl in Detroit, Michigan. Appalachian Harvest adds a unique ingredient to all of their products, love! “

The kitchen set up reminded me of my grandmother’s and that is probably why I am drawn to what I call “working kitchens.” Big pots attract me like a bear to a picnic cooler in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. I want to see what is inside and sneak a taste. Kevin, who gave us the tour offered us a jar of their Hot Pepper Jelly with Cherries so I didn’t have to push down my urge to go all bear on him.

Pour pepper jelly over a bar of cream cheese to make a delicious and easy party treat.

Pour pepper jelly over a bar of cream cheese to make a delicious and easy party treat.

The best part of the tour was hearing their success story. Their newest client, William-Sonoma will be selling Appalachian Harvest Cherry Pie Filing this year. That is big for a husband and wife run company.  The quart jar we were shown was a thing of red cherry  beauty and the ingredient list showed basic ingredients, just like you use if you canned it yourself.

Here is my final thought for this week. Do you ever feel like things are falling apart around you and you need to prop them up? I do. I like to be a fixer, and then I become stressed when I can’t fix a problem. I am taking up a burden God does not ask me to carry. He wants to carry them for me!

I love this song from my childhood. When I hear the song in my mind, I am taken to a happy place and hear my parents voices singing it.

Come Unto Me

Hear the blessed Savior calling the oppressed,
“Oh, ye heavy-laden, come to Me and rest;
Come, no longer tarry, I your load will bear,
Bring Me every burden, bring Me every care.”

  • Refrain:
    Come unto Me, I will give you rest;
    Take My yoke upon you, hear Me and be blest;
    I am meek and lowly, come and trust My might;
    Come, My yoke is easy, and My burden’s light
  • Are you disappointed, wand’ring here and there,
    Dragging chains of doubt and loaded down with care?
    Do unholy feelings struggle in your breast?
    Bring your case to Jesus—He will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28

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