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Church-Maybe Not

26 Feb


Judy Wills

Have you been watching the news the past few weeks?  God’s revival is breaking out just everywhere!  

It started on the small college campus of Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky.

Credit FaceBook and Breitbart

Just amazing – God’s Holy Spirit has filled that campus and it’s students to overflowing.  Students were missing classes because they felt they needed to be in the chapel praising God and worshiping Him.  It became so large that campus officials had to limit it to only those on campus – they had to find other places for the worship to take place for all those descending upon Asbury.  Amazing!

One thing that surprised – and somehow pleased – me was when some prominent names in the Christian community – preachers and musicians – called the officials of Asbury, wanting to “lend their services:” 

They are politely, but firmly, being told: You can come, like anyone else. And if you can find a seat at the back of the auditorium, you’re welcome to worship with us. But we don’t want church as usual. Not the agendas. Not the programs. Not the showboating. The simple worship and meeting will continue to be led by a humble group of students, under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Basically, the response has been: Don’t try to hi-jack this sovereign move of God, and make it about you.

This is about people meeting God…nothing more and nothing less.  In another comment I have seen, it was said that true revival doesn’t start with ecstasy – it starts with tears.  The beginning of this revival started with repentance.

And now I see that this revival has spread to Texas A&M.

Credit FaceBook and End Times Headlines

..and to Baylor University.  And I also see it starting in high schools!

Credit FaceBook

But one aMAZing aspect of this – there is country-wide revival in Uganda!  Thousands are being saved daily.  

“Wow! There is a NATIONWIDE REVIVAL that has broke out in UGANDA.”

“From the four corners of this nation, God is setting the place on fire with His presence. It’s hard to describe what we are witnessing here. Close to 1,000 souls saved this week. Each trip in, it builds. Uganda4Jesus crusades may be in August. However, now is the hour for Uganda.”

#U4J.-via James Cowen

You know, this country (USA) and indeed this whole world has begun to think and feel like God is just shoved aside.  And that hurts my heart.  We have NEEDED a revival for so very long – it is happening in spite of what our national and world leaders are trying to convince us where we are heading.  And Thank God for that!  

I have, for many years, felt there is a remnant of God’s people in this country that God will honor.  But we are being told that the majority of U.S. citizens are profoundly anti-God.  And I just don’t believe it – don’t want to believe it.

And what pleases me most, I think, about this revival that started in Asbury, is that it is the young people – the students – who have awakened to the Holy Spirit and His leading.  It’s not just us older folks who feel God’s presence – it’s the young ones!  So many people who have been interviewed at Asbury and other places, say that the “manifest Presence” of God simply permeates the meetings.  Praise God for that!

May God’s manifest Presence continue to fill our hearts and our land and bring this country to its knees in prayer to Him.

Judy is living in Central Florida with her retired U.S. Air Force husband of 50+ years. Born in Dallas, Texas, she grew up in the Southwestern United States.She met her husband at their church, where he was attending the university in her town. After college and seminary, he entered the Air Force, and their adventures began.They lived in eight of our United States, and spent six years in Europe, where their oldest daughter was born. She was a stay-at-home mom for many years .

  Judy has always been involved with music, both playing the piano and singing. Always interested in exercise, she was an aerobic dancing instructor, as well as a piano teacher for many years, and continues to faithfully exercise at home.

After moving to Central Florida, she served as a church secretary for nearly nine years.Her main hobby at this point in time is scanning pictures and 35mm slides into the computer. She also enjoys scrapbooking.She and her husband have two married daughters and four grandchildren, including grandtwins as well as a great-grandson and a great-granddaughter. She and her husband enjoy the Disney parks as often as possible.

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