Cousins, Saw Blades and Pity Pits

13 Jul

We have more cousins coming to visit today and we are looking forward to sharing memories and a lot of laughter. My husband turns used circular saw blades into knife blades The last time we visited with these cousins, they gave Mike a whole box of used blades. They had belonged to his recently deceased dad. Mike will be demonstrating to him how to do this. I think repurposing some of the blades will be special.

Family visitors and laughter are good medicine for the heart. Something else that is good for the heart is Philippians 4:8. Many years ago as a young wife I found myself frequently fuming over petty slights or comments my mother-in-law made. The verse has raised me out of my pity pit many, many times since.

Tomorrow is the 28th anniversary of my dad’s move to Glory. He was a good and imperfect dad. Sometimes it seems I miss him more as the years pass or maybe, I don’t remember the depth of loss from that time.

One Response to “Cousins, Saw Blades and Pity Pits”

  1. divoran09 July 13, 2021 at 7:33 am #

    That is a superb post! I feel the same way about my dad as you do about yours. I think of him often and feel closer to him now that I can sort his PTSD from his true and feisty nature.

    Bill leaves Savannah this morning, heading for Charleston. One thing about driving the van, instead of flying, he got to take everything he uses at home, including the gym he has created for his morning exercises.


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