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Cousins, Saw Blades and Pity Pits

13 Jul

We have more cousins coming to visit today and we are looking forward to sharing memories and a lot of laughter. My husband turns used circular saw blades into knife blades The last time we visited with these cousins, they gave Mike a whole box of used blades. They had belonged to his recently deceased dad. Mike will be demonstrating to him how to do this. I think repurposing some of the blades will be special.

Family visitors and laughter are good medicine for the heart. Something else that is good for the heart is Philippians 4:8. Many years ago as a young wife I found myself frequently fuming over petty slights or comments my mother-in-law made. The verse has raised me out of my pity pit many, many times since.

Tomorrow is the 28th anniversary of my dad’s move to Glory. He was a good and imperfect dad. Sometimes it seems I miss him more as the years pass or maybe, I don’t remember the depth of loss from that time.

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