The Door~Part 2

25 Jun


Judy Wills



If you recall, back on December 13, 2015, I wrote a post about “The Door.” I began that post with:

Many years ago, I came upon something my Father had saved. It was an ‘etching’ of an ancient doorway, with lantern overhead to light the way. There was a description attached to it, explaining where and what the door was all about. Somehow, I have misplaced that etching – every once in a while I come across it, but can’t seem to find it when I’m looking for it.

As I recall, that door was somewhere in the ruins of an English castle or cathedral….”

Well, I am pleased to say – that I have found that “etching” and here it is.



As you will see, it really isn’t anything like the one we saw in Rothenburg, Germany – and no lantern overhead.



And rather than being in England, it is German – and from the Heidelberg castle. I wish I had known that when we lived those three years in Heidelberg! We walked through that lovely castle so many times, but never found this door – nor did we know it was there.


The title on the back of this etching is : The Doorway of Memories, and the subtitle is “From an Original Etching by Paul Geissler [1881-1965].” That’s a surprise, because we have several etchings by Paul Geissler – usually of Rothenburg.



While lengthy, I would like to present you with the description given with his “door” etching, as I find it quite interesting:

“One may well look down the vista of centuries in viewing this beautiful old ivy colored doorway. For it is part of the famed castle of Heidelberg which was first built more than six hundred years ago [now over eight hundred years ago].

Mounting guard over the picturesque German town of that name, the grim battlements are located on the high promontory of Jettenbuhl. The castle is now mostly in ruins, and presents an interesting study in architectural trends down through the ages. Originally erected through the effort of Rupert III, the building was constantly expanded as each new monarch took over the reins of government. Otto Henry, ‘The Magnanimous,’ built an important wing in 1556, while yet another was added under Frederick IV in 1601-1607.

It was from Old Heidelberg that the leading German princes of their day sallied forth on journeys of peace and conquest. Possibly on the very steps pictured by the etcher did the fair ladies of the court stand to wave a last farewell to their loved ones as the knights rode down the rocky trail. Those steps so worn with years of use, have now remained idle and dust-covered. Only the shades of those who departed centuries past still hover around the deserted castle and make this in truth ‘The Doorway of Memories.’

The etcher has accurately caught the spirit of antiquity that haunts the place. The proud coat of arms appears above the door, and the lions, ever a symbol of royalty, guard each side of the arch. Rich with lore, rich with romantic associations, here is indeed a subject which stimulates the etcher’s pen with inspiration.”


So that’s the story of “the door” that has fascinated me for so many years. Not at all what I remember about it, but wonderful, all the same. I hope you enjoy it, as well.



2 Responses to “The Door~Part 2”

  1. divoran09 June 25, 2017 at 12:15 pm #

    That is indeed a lovely picture full of mystery and romance. No wonder you enjoy it so much.

    Love, DiVoran


  2. LOUISE GIBSON June 25, 2017 at 9:55 am #

    Beautifully awesome! (If such a phrase is acceptable) I envy you some of your experiences, Judy. Thanks for sharing.


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