The Door

13 Dec


Judy Wills


Many years ago, I came upon something my Father had saved. It was an “etching” of an ancient doorway, with lantern overhead to light the way. There was a description attached to it, explaining where and what the door was all about. Somehow, I have misplaced that etching – every once in a while I come across it, but can’t seem to find it when I’m looking for it.

As I recall, that door was somewhere in the ruins of an English castle or cathedral. However, Fred and I have found another “door” that reminds us of that original one from Daddy. We just happened upon it while we were visiting Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany many years ago.



That is one of our favorite places to visit, and we did it often while living in Germany. It is an old, medieval town, and is a walled city. One can still walk along the covered walkway at the top of the wall.



It was built in the 1100’s. Fascinating! Any time we had visitors, we always took them to Rothenburg. Such fun!

I’m not exactly sure what there is about that door that is special to us, but we enjoy it so much. It’s tucked back, almost in an alleyway, and is rather easy to miss, unless you are looking for it.

Recently, Fred and I took a 15-day Viking River Cruise (more on that later). One of the stops we made had an excursion – a bus ride to Rothenburg! We’ve never had a guided tour before – usually we just looked around on our own. So we found out some things about Rothenburg we didn’t know. But as we followed along with our guide, we came upon “the door” again, and were so pleased to find it. We had intended to try to find it on our own again, but there it was!


One of our favorite Christmas gifts from our daughters, are calendars for the next year, with pictures of castles or of Germany. So might imagine our delight when we turned the calendar page to December on one calendar and…..there was “The Door!” Of course the professional picture is better than ours, and we thoroughly enjoy the fact that someone else likes this door as much as we do.



Beautiful, isn’t it?

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