Gorgeous Inside

3 Jul

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson

It’s actually a rather nondescript house,
plain, and is easy to ignore.
It sits on a busy thoroughfare
that I pass when on my way to the store.

But as I drove past the other day
I noticed a “For Sale” sign in the yard.
Attached to the sign was a smaller notice
that happily announced: “I’m gorgeous inside”.

Now I have to confess that intrigued me.
What could make this otherwise forgettable
house gorgeous inside?
It also made me wonder,
could that sign be applied to us
as followers of Jesus? The One in whom
we safely abide?

What does the Bible say about inner beauty?
Romans 7:22 says, “In my inner being I delight
in God’s laws.
In Romans 8:6 Paul speaks of
a Spirit controlled
mind that is characterized by “life and peace”.

And in Galations, we see that letting the spirit
take charge of our inner being will build in us
the fruit of the spirit, a beautiful array of qualities
such as love, joy, peace, patience and kindness.
“Delighting in scripture and allowing the Spirit
to work in our heart will make us look good on the inside-
and will pay off in a life that honors God.”
Dave Brown

Righteousness in your heart produces beauty
in your character.

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