21 Jun


Judy Wills



Growing up in New Mexico, we had our share of winter snow. As a matter of fact, the mountains just outside the city, to the East, were and still are, some of the best snow skiing in the country.



It’s one of those “best-kept-secrets.”



Of course, some winter storms dropped more snowfall than other years (18″ one year in one night), but it seems like we always had snow.



I was all but surprised to find that Fort Worth, Texas had snow as well! I guess I had always thought of Texas as hot and dry. But there was one winter when we were literally snowed-in for a couple of days. We were in an apartment building, with parking in the back, and we couldn’t get out of the driveway. Yea!!! We couldn’t get to work!




And, of course, when we moved to northern Maine for that one year, we had plenty of snow! More than we ever wanted.



Karen was not quite four-years-old when we left there, and her impression of snow was that we were snowed in – because she could look out her second-story window, down on the roof of the stoop below and see the snow stacked high.


But for the five years we lived in Panama City, Florida, we didn’t have snow. Well, once it snowed about half-an-inch, but that was it. It was funny, actually: I happened to be driving by the elementary school at the time it was snowing, and one child was in the stereotypical stance of standing-spread-eagle, tongue hanging out, trying to catch snowflakes on their tongue! Our girls did a lot of their growing up years there, so they were unaccustomed to snow.

So it was, that when we went to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, they had their first real taste of snow. It happened overnight, and we awoke to snow on the ground. Those of you reading this who are old enough to remember, many years ago Toyota had a little jingle that went: “You asked for it….you got it…..Toyota.” Well, I did a bit of improvising to that jingle, and woke each daughter up singing that tune: “You asked for it…you got it…it snowed last night!” They were up and out of their beds in a flash and dash to the window!

I don’t remember how much they played in it – probably more than I remember. There were other children in our little cul-de-sac, and I’m sure someone had a sled. But after wading through it to school every morning for months, they weren’t so thrilled with it. But that’s part of life, right?

It’s nice to have those kinds of memories, however. Adds a little spice to our life.




One Response to “Snow”

  1. Louise Gibson June 21, 2015 at 11:20 am #

    My mind went b ack to our tour in Alaska. Our first winter was spent in Fairbanks in a duplex while we waited for on-base housing. Now you know why I appreciate Orlando so much. I thrive in hot weather!
    We did have a lot of good memories, though. I thank God for them.


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