Stressed Out? Try Humor

30 Jan

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson



Humor is good medicine;

It has the power to heal.

You can’t laugh and remain sad;

Good endorphins you will reveal.


The Lord is our Heavenly Physician-

He advised “Be of good cheer”

“Lord, I can endure all things

As long as You are near.”


I have learned to accept myself

with all of my limitations and flaws-

“When I raise my sights to you, Lord,

My inner self is filled with “awes”.


(   A  laugh-at-myself analysis )


I was born a duck,

so I quack like a duck.

Yes, that “quack” came  out of me..

No matter how I envision myself a swan-

A duck I will always be!



Ducks hanging out in the herbs




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