Life is Just a Minute

12 Dec

From my Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson



Just a tiny  little minute,

but eternity is in it..


The Great Creator.

the Great “I Am”,

knows exclusively

who I am.


Dear Lord, You are our reason for living.

You have put purpose in our life-

The desire for loving and giving.


Help us to maximize our morning,

to have a standing appointment with you.

Lead us into paths of righteousness,

so that to ourselves we will always be true.


There is power in plodding.

Work persistently in small increments.

As we age, to yourself be kinder.

There will be less cause for laments.



“Do not have your concert first,

and then string your instruments afterwards.

Begin the day with the word of God and prayer,

and get first of all into harmony with Him,”

Missionary J Hudson Taylor

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