10 Mar


Judy Wills


After our first cruise – to Alaska – we were ready to go again….anywhere!  One of our sons-in-law loves to travel, and is a great “planner” of trips, whether it be by van, or car, or ship.

For Spring Break in 2007, he planned a cruise to Mexico with his family, and invited us to accompany them.  We were delighted to accept.

We drove to Charleston, South Carolina (where we would pick up the ship) by way of St. Augustine, Florida, and Savannah, Georgia.  We had not been to St. Augustine in many years, and it was fun to see it again.  Brian called us while we were there, to say they had a flat tire, and wouldn’t be getting to Charleston until very late.

1                                                         2




We drove from St. Augustine to Savannah.  We had never been to Savannah, and were intrigued to see all the flowers (it was Springtime, so the azaleas were in full bloom), and the monuments to famous people, especially from that area.



Our daughter and her family arrived very late at night (from Chicago, and with the flat tire en route), and we had adjoining rooms at the hotel.  We met up for breakfast, then headed out for a tour of Charleston – another first for us.  Fascinating city.  We took a tour over to Fort Sumter to see the remains of the fort.


When it was time to board the ship, Brian dropped us all off at the dock and went to park the car, then joined us on board.

One of the first things we learned was that we were required to “hand sanitize” everywhere we went on board – especially into the eating areas.  They had supplied “balls” of sanitizer for our convenience – just place your hand under the ball, and out squirts just the right amount for your use.  Neat little thing.  We also had to sanitize as we left the ship in port, and before we could go back on board after being in port.

6                       6.Bjpg




Since there were just the six of us, another couple was assigned to our table.  It’s always fun for us to get acquainted with people from other areas, so we were pleased to meet Fred and Carol Ann.  At our first meal together, we “excused” ourselves to them, and asked God’s blessings on the food.  As we lifted our heads, we were pleased to see Fred and Carol Ann lifting their heads, as well.  They said it was “refreshing” to find others who exhibited their faith in public.  We knew we had met fellow believers and were overjoyed!


We had a day at sea before we made landfall again.


To be continued……………

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