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Trials and Tribulations

12 Oct

My Take

DiVoran Lites

Author, Poet and ArtistThis morning Bill had a procedure in a different town from where we live. It’s something we’re very grateful he can do because it means knows no surgery. Is called a TUMT  I’ll be driving Bill home because he’s having Valium and a pain pill for the procedure. I’ll be doing some waiting so I have my small art case all ready to go. I have the tiniest palette you ever saw, crayons, inktense pencils, and a multi-media sketchbook and they all fit into the case, along with a water pen to paint with.

I plan to leave the office while he’s in the back to take my morning walk. I’ll be sure to have my hat to shade my face. I’ve put on sun-screen, but I haven’t been in the habit of wearing it and have been bitten by the sun because of it. I have the cosmetic surgeon’s scar to show for it. I didn’t use sunscreen all these years because I heard that it wouldn’t allow my skin to absorb vitamin D from the sun. That reminded me of my mother, Dora, telling me she had rickets as a child. That was caused by a lack of sunshine. Her legs were slightly bowed for the rest of her life. Now I wonder if she got it soon after she was held indoors in quarantine for nine months because she had scarlet fever. Her baby brother died earlier of a disease they called St Vitus Dance.

On Bill’s and my jaunt I can do whatever I want with my phone. I can look up a youtube video for a hymn for this blog. Here it is! Nearer My God to Thee, and what a pleasure – beautiful video and words to the song included.

I’m taking a box of raisins in case I get peckish and a cup of ice water for thirst. We should be home in time for lunch.

We’re home now. Bill had no pain, but he was ready for a nap. All these medical procedures can wear a body out but like the energizer bunny, through the grace of God, we keep on keeping on.

Yellow and Green Thistle signed

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