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Edisto Get Away Part 2

25 Oct

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis



After we left the tea plantation we needed some lunch. We had decided to head to Charleston’s historic district so I checked out restaurants along the route. I found a sandwich place, The Southern General Restaurant on John’s Island, with “don’t miss this” reviews and it was a hit. It was small, maybe seating for 20. The menus were book like, with wooden boards for the covers. The menu was diverse and the food freshly cooked and delicious. The only sad part is that my husband and I are eating low carb and we would see each order stacked with home-made fries leave the kitchen!

After lunch we headed into the historic district and looked for parking. It needed to be close to where we would be exploring as our party are not great walkers.  We ended up at a church parking lot that explained if we were late returning to the lot they would boot our car! That kind of took the sparkle off my excitement.

We headed for the market area where vendors and crafters offer their wares. It was a warm day and I was happy to stroll through it in air-conditioned comfort. After we left the market, our daughter found this courtyard and we sat awhile to rest and cool off.



We still had some time remaining on our parking ticket so Rebekah led us down to Waterfront Park. The wind was brisk near the water and I loved it. I’m weird that way.


Photo credit Photo by Joel Mott on Unsplash


In the distance we could see Fort Sumter but it was too late in the day for us to tour it.



Waterfront Park is also home to a famous pineapple fountain:


The history of the pineapple explains the popularity of one of the most iconic, photographed spots in town. Visit the Pineapple fountain at Waterfront Park while sightseeing, or after a lovely dinner, as it’s a treat to see any time of day. If you visit the park during daylight hours you can snap a picture of the Charleston harbor behind the fountain, and as soon as the sun sets you can behold the pineapple lit up and glowing against a gorgeous starlight sky. The fountain is a landmark for many visiting the Charleston peninsula, and is a must-see experience.

According to Hidden Charleston dot com  pineapples are the symbol of southern hospitality. I would enjoy seeing it at night with the lights glowing.


I could feel the time ticking down on our parking place so we didn’t linger long. I didn’t want us to have to rush our walk. We made it back to the car with time to spare. We had planned to return the next day but Hurricane Michael changed our plans.;


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