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10 Jan

My Take

DiVoran Lites

Reblogged 1/10/2020


Come Home It’s Supper Time


Father God, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, I hunger and thirst for familiarity with you.

My Beloved Child,
Come home. I smooth your path by removing the rocks, grading the gravel, and filling the ruts. I take down gates that block your way to Me. I open trails so that you may experience the good things I have laid out for you along the way.
I give you peace. I fulfil all my promises. I never give up on you. I support you so that you will never give up on Me.
Stay on the path I created for you. Check directional signs and walk at a steady pace. Do not rush and hurry, instead let me give you my rhythm and keep you steady.
I bless the generations coming after you so they will know Me in ways I’ve never been known before.
You are my own people. My arms are open to you and to any friends you want to bring along. I provide light, fresh air, food and water. I have a place of rest for you. I will save them and preserve you forever.


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