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This Thrilled My Mama Heart

17 Feb

As a mom, I have to say this review of my daughter’s novel Jessie,  by book blogger Beverly Lynnt thrilled my mama heart. The reviewer went above and beyond the usual review, even creating graphics to illustrate the review. Thank you!

For years, Rebekah heard her father’s tales of growing up on the banks of the Indian River. It was an ideal time to grow up for a boy who loved the freedom to roam the woods, rivers and canals of his hometown. Rebekah incorporated those stories and recreated them in the lives of the four Cole brothers. Of course, the space program was growing at the same time. Jessie tells the story of both.

Jessie (Coastal Chronicles Bk 2) by Rebekah Lyn ~Review~ | Bipolar for Christ.

Beans Gone Wild

24 Jul

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

I'm a winner


We returned to North Carolina after nine days in Florida celebrating the launch of our daughter, Rebekah Lyn’s new novel,  Jessie. I couldn’t wait to see if our tiny garden had survived the days of neglect. I would say it has survived!

Beans Gone Wild

Beans Gone Wild


Gardening in North Carolina clay is very different from gardening in Florida  so our  garden is  an experimental project. The past two years we grew bush beans and they did quite well. This year we decided to try runner beans. Is this height normal? I suspect we may have made the poles too high as we have more vines than beans.  I picked this morning and the majority of the beans came from two bush bean plants  from last years seeds.

Picked beans copy


There should be enough for my husband and I to have one serving each for dinner tonight.

We have decided to give up on bell peppers. We just don’t have enough sunlight for them. The first year we planted, our tomato plants grew great but the last two years have been awful. We did plant them in different locations but it hasn’t helped.  Nasty greem tomato worms love to eat the foilage and have to be picked off by hand and smashed. This so grosses me out!  If anyone has suggestions for deterring them without pesticides please leave them in comments.

In the Fall we add in compost from our compost heap and in the Spring add mushroom compost to enrich the clay soil.  I have to admit, I took the Florida sand for  granted. I had no idea it was such a great soil for growing. So far, in North Carolina  we haven’t been able to germinate flower seeds directly in the soil, unlike Florida where one simply  fluffs the soil, spreads the seeds and gently push a thin layer of sand over the seeds. Within a week, the seeds have popped up.

Do you have any gardening tips you can share?

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