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Well Hello

17 Feb

On the Porch

Onisha Eills

I haven’t written a blog since January 6. Shortly after writing the post, we began preparing for our return to Florida. We had planned to depart around January 10th, but life happened, bad weather was predicted and then our refrigerator died.

We emptied the refrigerator, moving what we could into an extra one in the garage. Thank goodness for it. We were finally able to leave on Saturday, January 14th. This was cutting it close as my husband had an important doctor appointment on the 16th that would require an out of town trip. He would need a rest day after our 11 hour drive to Florida.

The day after husband’s doctor appointment, I got a much needed hair cut and color. The day after that, I became ill. I decided I had flu. Four days later my husband became ill and since his body is compromised, he had a tough time. He did a home Covid test and it was negative. It has taken us what seems like forever to get our energy back, but we are getting there. It’s crazy that it is taking so long.

I am looking forward to the rest of our time in Florida. We have been making plans to drive out to the beach this week. The beach was closed for several months after last year’s hurricane and we want to see how or if it changed.We haven’t made it yet, but hopefully we will soon.

There hasn’t been much picture taking going on. I do have this one of our daughter’s dog, Ollie snoozing while she watches television. That’s about the sum of our excitement but better days are coming, and hopefully more blog posts.

I'm a winner

After my retirement, I decided to re-learn the canning and preserving skills I learned from my mother but hadn’t practiced for twenty years. I titled the blog Old Things R New to chronicle my experience.  Since then I have been blessed to have six other bloggers join me, DiVoran Lites, Bill Lites,  Judy Wills, Louise Gibson, Janet Perez Eckles and Melody Hendrix

In addition to blogging, I work as the publicist/marketer/ amateur editor and general  “mom Friday” for my author daughter, Rebekah Lyn. I also manage her website, Rebekah Lyn Books  

My 2023 goal is continue to use my love of photographs and words to be an encourager on social media.

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