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Another Day, Another Adventure

20 Nov

A Time to Live

Melody Hendrix

Blowing Rocks Preserve 574 S Beach Rd, Hobe Sound, Fl       

Another day, another adventure. My friend Pat and I recently traveled to Jupiter Florida. We had been there a few times before but will always want to come back to visit Blowing Rocks Preserve.

It is a unique park, and odd for a Florida landscape. Each time I visit, it is a different and wonderful experience. This time there was a hurricane near and we knew the ocean would be turbulent and the Rocks of the preserve would be alive with water shooting out of them possibly up to 50 feet skyward, giving me an opportunity for some oh so loved slo mo photography. 

I love any form of photography that reveals nature in ways that we can’t or don’t witness in our mundane life. It was awesome as usual.The rocks are longing to be explored with their tunnels and caves. That is, when the seas are calm. However they can be treacherous if you are caught below and the water comes in. You cannot climb up on them with bare feet and hands. Oddly the rocks are razor sharp. You would think the ocean waves would wear them down and polish them, but instead it seems they are sharpened with every wave.

It contains the largest Anastasia limestone outcropping on Florida’s east coast. The limestone also encompasses coquina shells, crustaceans, and sand. 

I created a 5 minute video of last weeks trip there. Enjoy,

Melody Hendrix

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