River Dawn

18 Oct

My Take

DiVoran Lites

River Dawn                                    

By Dora Jane Bedell Bowers

God is Love; God is light,

He protects us through the night. 

He turns morn to birds in flight,

To restore a lovely sight. 

When the morning sun begins,

Then the sound of violins

And the joy of mandolins

God forgiving all our sins

Now the day has just begun

Birds make circles one by one

Underneath a morning sun

Flying birds forever-fun

Silently the morning flight,

Follows from the windy night

First, the Pelican’s delight

Scooping fish, oh, what a sight.

How slowly moves the morning air

As the golden sun shines fair

And Holy Spirit always there

He is here and everywhere

Swirling clouds and sunny blaze

Making headwinds to amaze

Needing glasses to appraise

Like the sun, so go the days

Watching now as pictures dawn

Beneath a tree, a resting fawn

When the darkness comes withdrawn 

I’m ready for another yawn

Sea Gulls float on salty-sea

Blackbirds fill the sky to flee

Flying birds all comfort be

Wing-ed joy entrancing me

Now the dawn has changed its mind

Clouds oppress, the light is blind,

Colors muted, birds are still,

Back to bed, don’t catch a chill. 

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