My Take on Reclaiming the Lost Art of Biblical Meditation By Robert J. Morgan

2 Dec

My Take

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Reclaiming the Lost Art of Biblical Meditation by Robert J. Morgan is wonderful as it leads me through the Bible and shows me how to get the most out of pondering, personalizing, and practicing what I read. This morning I started on a down-loadable study guide. After a while,  I took a break to go see if my cat, Thea wanted to come in off the porch. I looked everywhere on the small porch but couldn’t find her. I went into prayer mode.  

Lord, I can’t find my beautiful cat, Thea. I let her out on the porch about six o’clock this morning. I went back later and called to her, but she didn’t come, so I thought she didn’t want to come in. Lord, I can’t find her anywhere. I’ve shaken the treats bag so that she could hear it and be enticed, but she didn’t come. I’ve looked in about every nook and cranny, and she’s nowhere to be found. It’s almost as if someone quietly slipped onto the screened porch and kidnapped her. 

Maybe someone did that with the golden cat that used to greet me and ask to be petted when I took my walk. He has been gone for a couple of weeks now. There’s a man our son’s age who lives up the street who misses the golden cat too. What a sweet and beautiful animal. The thought occurs…perhaps someone is stealing the prettiest cats in the neighborhood to sell.  

Oh, was that a cat I just heard? I put on my hoodie and hurried outside through the porch door. I walked around the house, but saw no cat of any kind. But when I came back in Thea must have heard me because she flashed out of hiding. Apparently, she had been sleeping soundly in a chair pushed under the tablecloth. I didn’t think to look there. When I came in she thought I had some greens for her to chew on so she woke up and came out of her cozy, warm place. I had no greens, but I’ve planted some for her. Thea means a lot to both of us. If she had indeed been gone, I would have missed her terribly. 

As I go back to the verses I am reading, pondering and writing down. I sense that God speaking to me through His word and through the Holy Spirit.  

Beloved, you did well in your scare with Thea’s disappearance.

You eventually started to bring your mind away from anxiety and panic and into my presence.

Just think how quickly Thea appeared when you thanked Me for the situation.

Lord, are you telling me that the manifestation of an answer comes more quickly when we thank you than when we are anxious?

Don’t be pulled in different directions or worried about a thing. Be     saturated in prayer throughout each day, offering faith-filled    requests and sharing the details of your life with me. 

This is the way to peace and peace is the state of mind and heart that brings the answers to prayer.

It’s a process. Learn to make your way through it so that you may live a life that is: 

  • Authentic
  • Real
  • Honorable
  • Admirable
  • Beautiful
  • Respectful
  • Pure
  • Holy
  • Merciful
  • Kind

Philippians 4, Paraphrase, The Passion Translation

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DiVoran has been writing for most of her life. Her first attempt at a story was when she was seven years old and her mother got a new typewriter. DiVoran got to use it and when her dad saw her writing he asked what she was writing about. DiVoran answered that she was writing the story of her life. Her dad’s only comment was, “Well, it’s going to be a very short story.” After most of a lifetime of writing and helping other writers, DiVoran finally launched her own dream which was to write a novel of her own. She now has her Florida Springs trilogy and her novel, a Christian Western Romance, Go West available on Amazon. When speaking about her road to publication, she gives thanks to the Lord for all the people who helped her grow and learn.  She says, “I could never have done it by myself, but when I got going everything fell beautifully into place, and I was glad I had started on my dream.”

2 Responses to “My Take on Reclaiming the Lost Art of Biblical Meditation By Robert J. Morgan”

  1. melodyhendrix December 3, 2019 at 9:03 am #

    That story brings back all the panicking I do when my cat Sandy does that to me often. She doesn’t show herself until I go horse calling her name louder and louder. It is a sick feeling when all those terrible thoughts of what must have happened to her burn a hole in your heart.


    • divoran09 December 3, 2019 at 4:12 pm #

      thanks for reading and commenting I think I have to get calm through trusting God and then when I calm down He comes through one way or another. I can sing a Christian song or open my bible to all the prayers in Psalms…well those kinds of things seem to work for me. I can believe it would be really wrenching if my cat had done this more than once.


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