Go East Dorian, Go East

30 Aug

One makes plans, hurricanes ruin them.

In the mid 80s until 1990 our church had a vibrant youth group, led by youth minister, Tim Shrader.

At a Church ladies luncheon in May, my daughter and a friend from her youth group days had the chance to reconnect. As they chatted and wondered about others from their group, a plan was born.

Tim and his wife purchased airline tickets and we were thrilled they could come. Others made plans to come from out of state.

The “youth”, now in their 40s would enjoy a cookout on Saturday afternoon then Tim was set to preach on Sunday followed by a church wide pot luck. We were excited!

Then along came Dorian and the reunion had to be cancelled. We are terribly disappointed but trusting that God’s timing and plans are perfect.

Meanwhile, here on the east coast of Florida, I continue to pray the hurricane will go east and out to sea, all the while carrying out storm prep.

Speaking of storm prep, I am seriously annoyed with the local news media, especially on Facebook. Florida gains new residents by the thousands each month and the media is scaring the daylights out of them with their sensational language. The newbies need information given in a calm and reassuring manner.

I read this verse in my quiet time today. I found it to be encouraging, especially with all the storm decisions to make, plus I liked the photo from Pixabay.

Prayers for Florida and every other state in the path of Dorian appreciated.

One Response to “Go East Dorian, Go East”

  1. divoran09 August 31, 2019 at 3:54 pm #

    The media love to scare people and stir things up. If they didn’t do that they wouldn’t get nearly as much attention and as many bucks as they do. It is really sad, as you say for new people and relatives far away who may worry. The reunion sounds so lovely and even important for the attendees. I do believe it will take place.

    Love, DiVoran


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