Here Kitty Kitty Seven

24 Sep

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One of the first things Thea did when we got her home was to scratch on the upholstered leg of the couch. We’ve had it a long time, and it already had some claw pulls, but I didn’t want it to get any worse, so I taped foil to the leg and then got some new scratching pads from Petco.


Since we got her, she has learned to scratch on two pads, one in the family room, and one in the studio near her cat tree. Each time she does what she’s supposed to, she gets one small treat. Sometimes she will try to get another by scratching a bit more, but we don’t encourage such shenanigans.


Sometimes I’m concerned about whether she’s happy with us. Do we spend enough time petting and talking to her, does she like her food, is she getting enough water, as an indoor cat is she bored and lonely?

I’m using the internet to get ideas for training her. There are so many schools of thought, but I read and think and experiment withthings like scratching and even shredding. We use a single Greenie to reward Thea for scratching on the pads rather than on the carpets or furniture. At first,I had to catch her pulling at the carpet, then I would pick her up and carry her to the pad. She didn’t get the idea, so I got down and scratched on it myself. I didn’t get any treats, but it kept my fingernails nice and smooth until she learned how to do it too. The thing that is so interesting about cats and probably dogs, too, is that they understand things they see their humans or other animals doing something and they understand exactly what we’re getting at. I don’t need to give her a treat every time now because using the scratching pads has become a habit. By the way, Greenies are good for keeping cat’s teeth clean so that in future years we hopefully won’t have to take her to the vet to have them cleaned. After her evening meal, I hide five Greenies in the folds of her red, plush blanket and after she finds them all she lovingly kneads the cover to show her delight.

One night I let her sleep on my bed. She lay quiet and polite at the foot of the bed until 4:30 A. M. when she got up, stretched out on my chest, and rubbed my face with her chin with such sweet-droolykisses I had to change my night-gown. After that, I relocated her to the studio and closed the door. The next morning I saw that she had dragged a brown paper bag out of the recycle bin and started the shredding process. We decided it wasn’t revenge, but a good way to take out her tensions and amuse herself. Bill has become the official provider of brown paper bags. Now when the grocery store checker in her green uniform says, “paper or plastic,” we say paper. So far Bill is cleaning the shreds of the studio floor and putting down fresh bags as needed.


Every night Thea and I play the mouse game as she leaps to catch a flying mouse on the end of a wire or ribbon. We have two. We alternate them every night so we don’t get bored. I wish you could see her cat ballet.


Our Jasmine has been gone about six weeks. Her water dish sits on the counter in the bathroom waiting for her. I tell myself it’s just a pretty dish, and it matches my drinking water glass. But the truth is it brings back pleasant memories.

Thea, Bill, and I, however, are forming our own routines and we three continue to learn to love and trust each other in new ways. We are working on some kind of protocol to cut her nails. If they don’t get cut they can keep growing until they circle around and grow back into her paws. She is what I hear animal-people calling, a sweetheart.Under Thea’s ministrations the sadness about Jasmine’s departure grows softer every day.







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  1. Onisha Ellis September 24, 2018 at 9:41 pm #

    Bill is such a good cat dad.


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