Fred Remembers~Part 5

23 Sep


Judy Wills

I also remember there was a pier that came out of the castle Miramare.  Occasionally there would be sailboats tied up there, maybe some other boats. Occasionally people would be out there fishing off it.  I didn’t have a rod and reel, I just had a line with a hook on it, which was a hand line. One of the Italian guys told me that, if you use a chunk of shrimp, you could catch some fish, and sure enough, it worked. The castle Miramare also had a nice, Italian restaurant, where we frequently had Sunday lunch. I also remember one Easter, we had dual services out in the grounds (terraced gardens) at the Castle Miramare.  In the middle of this big field, we had the local band – the military band.  On one side of them, and probably far enough away that you couldn’t hear too much, would be the Protestant service, and on the other side was the Catholic service. One thing I remember was that four of us boys, dressed in our jackets and shorts – for some reason…I guess it was warm enough for shorts, and we were a quartet – we sang as part of the Easter Sunrise Service out there. As mentioned in my previous post, we enjoyed both summer and winter times in Cortina.  Here’s a picture of me golfing, during one of our summer trips to Cortina. Here’s a picture of the family while in Cortina.
And here is one of me getting ready to ski on a winter trip to Cortina.
And here is one of my parents and myself ready to ski!
One of the highlights for the older Wills – that’s Emily, myself, and Mom and Dad – I think it was the summer of either 1948 or 1949 (I honestly don’t remember which year), we took a car tour.
The twins (Sally and Larry) stayed in Trieste with someone.  We actually borrowed a car from one of the persons that worked with Dad.  Both he and one of the ladies (who was British) that was on sort-of the administrative staff in Dad’s office, and the four of us Wills, drove up through Northern Italy, across the Brenner Pass, through Innsbruck, into Garmisch-Partenkirchen.  I remember one of the places we stayed was Garmisch.  While we were in Garmisch, we actually stayed in the Eibsee Hotel on Lake Eibsee which, at that time, was the Special Forces Hotel.
Lake Eibsee – credit Wikipedia On the 10thof May – as we looked out on the lake – it snowed!  While we were there, we also took a cable-car up to the Zugspitze, which was nice.
From Garmisch we went further up into Germany, and one of the places we stayed – which I still remember a little bit – was in Heidelberg.  We toured through the Schloss (castle) there and downtown Heidelberg.  I remember they also took us to a lot of places that I never saw when we (Judy and I) actually lived in Heidelberg.  I guess they don’t take tourists there anymore.

Fred in the Heidelberg Castle courtyard

I distinctly remember going through the wine cellar.  They also took us up on top of one huge wine keg, which I think they said would hold like 50,000 liters of wine.  It was so huge that it actually had a dance floor up on the top of it (it was laying on its side).  I remember the young soldier and the young lady who were with us on the trip, actually danced on the dance floor.

                       ~~~~~~~~~~To Be Continued~~~~~~~~~~

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