A Bouquet of Mothers

7 May

My Take

DiVoran Lites


Author, Poet and Artist



A Bouquet of Mothers



Melody’s Mother













Three friends told me about the joy their Mothers brought them.

One said, “We didn’t have much, but we three sisters and our
3 brothers knew we were loved.
Knowing Mom was designing
And sewing complete wardrobes
For our Barbies each year at Christmastime
We were rich in love and floating
On our mother’s creativity.
Excited by the ticka-a-ticka of Mother’s sewing machine
We could hardly sleep.

On Christmas day
We ran to the tree and ripped open beautifully
Wrapped packages to reveal
A trove of evening gowns, dresses, pants, and blouses.
That had been made from hoarded
Scraps of whatever materials
Mother found and saved for us.


Onisha’s Mother










As soon as mother and dad got home from work on Friday night
Mom, Daddy, my two older brothers and I drove the hour to the Indian River near Titusville, Fl.

Mother loved the Lord, Daddy, my two brothers and me with all her heart.
She also loved fishing and shrimping.

At dark we slung a lantern over the rail of the pier
And shrimp came under the light, and into our nets
Then came fish chasing shrimp
And we caught them, too.

Mom would make a pallet so I could
Lie face down, and watch the water until I fell asleep.

Sometimes we drove out to Playalinda beach
And built a campfire on shore.
We satand sang…
Sweet Hour of Prayer,” and “Just a Closer Walk with Thee.
We kids fell asleep the minute we got in the car.


My mother is a born homebody.
She married at eighteen
And she and daddy had three girls and a boy.
She loved nothing better than to cook big meals
Every day and watch us enjoy them.
She was always there when we came
From school clamoring for snacks.

She nursed us through fevers
She sewed most of our clothes.
When I had surgery as an adult
She looked after me
She cooked so much food…
I didn’t know how to tell her
I wasn’t hungry and please
Don’t cook so much.
Please don’t be hurt when I can’t eat.
Then one day it came to me,
This was and always has been her
Way of showing love
I have never known her to yearn for
Any other kind of life.
Thank you Mother.

One Response to “A Bouquet of Mothers”

  1. Onisha Ellis May 8, 2018 at 10:17 am #

    The courage of Melody’s mom is inspiring.


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