31 Days of God’s Comfort~Day 5

19 Dec










Picture and Paraphrase by DiVoran Lites

Day 5

Good News

Hebrews 9:10, 5:13




Here’s an interesting thought.

You don’t need to give blood sacrifices in order to have your sins forgiven.

Your sins are already forgiven because of Jesus’ blood sacrifice for you on the cross. If your conscience speaks to you, we’ll talk it over and get you straight.

We have no barriers between us, no sacrifice necessary.

You may walk right up to my throne, and start talking.

I will give you what you need. You will feel My forgiveness and healing power.

You can keep going through fire, high water, and old age.

Trust that I always keep my promises to you.

Accept eternal forgiveness and forge ahead.

Christ’s sacrifice includes eternal connection with me,

Welcome home child.


One Response to “31 Days of God’s Comfort~Day 5”

  1. LOUISE GIBSON December 19, 2016 at 8:35 am #

    Beautiful and inspiring, Divoran. Merry Christmas!


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