Go Run

10 Jan


Judy Wills


Well, Christmas is over. All the hoopla is done. And I’m still eating all those Christmas cookies that I made. Man! I’ll be glad when they are done and out of the house! Just too much temptation to eat, and eat, and eat. I mean, I don’t make cookies that I don’t enjoy, you know?

Not too long after Fred and I married, his mother shared a recipe for German Springerle cookies. They take a bit of work to make, and I only make them at Christmas time. The batter has to be “beaten” for one hour – you read that right – one hour! I finally purchased a standing mixer solely for that purpose. Then all the other ingredients mixing together – a little anise extract and seed, then some grated lemon rind (zest), and powdered sugar, then the rolling out and pressing down with the wooden boards.

Then comes cutting them out, and after all the dough is cut, cooking them. They puff up and make marvelous “pictures” on the cookies, and I really enjoy eating them. With that “hint” of anise and lemon…….mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


Then there are the cookies that my Aunt Jessie called “Pecan Puffs.” I’ve seen them called Italian wedding cookies, and other names. These are really my favorites. Again, a bit of work, with all the rolling and all, but they are worth it! And I’m overly proud to say that my recipe is the best! I know, I know – very prideful of me. But I’ve eaten some of those others – and I just like mine the best.

And then my best friend, Sue, makes the very best divinity I’ve ever tasted and sends that on as her Christmas gift to us. I reciprocate by sending her a couple dozen of my Springerle cookies and a couple dozen of the Pecan Puffs as well. A very nice trade off.

But by the time we wade through all those goodies – WHEW! I really need to go run and work off some of those calories!

And that brings me to a picture I saw on facebook. Really says it all:




One Response to “Go Run”

  1. Old Things R New January 11, 2016 at 10:04 pm #

    Judy, the cookies sound delicious and beautiful too!


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