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11 Jan

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Hello. My name is Nanny Annie. That’s what the children call me, anyway. My real name is Raggedy Ann. We may have met when we were children. If so, you’ll probably recall the wonderful adventures we had and the foods we ate. Remember my brother, Raggedy Andy. He grew up to be a toy store model. We see each other often.

Raggedy Annie

You may be grown up now, too. I imagine you are changed on the outside, but I hope you still have your child’s heart. I’m still the same old red-headed Raggedy Ann. No face-lifts, no died hair, but children don’t seem to care much for appearances, so they like me anyway. I do love children, especially when they are good. Of course, I love the naughty ones too. I want to help them be happy if I can. I’ve been Nanny to the Winnie the Pooh gang for some time. Did you ever wonder what their personalities were like?

Poor Eeyore, he has the saddest outlook on life of anyone I’ve ever seen. Even when good things happen he seems to find a way to feel sorry for himself and to complain. He just doesn’t listen to anyone else and I think that’s the reason he has no friend.

Tigger’s energy is incredible! He rarely go at a walking pace, or speaks in a low voice. For Tigger it’s as if there’s a spring in the bottoms of his feet…boing, boing, that’s Tigger. He also has a roar that makes the leaves quiver on the trees.

You’ve met Winnie the Pooh. He’s the star of many stories. Personally, I’ve always thought he was named for Winston Churchill, another famous person. Our Winnie is also wise in his own way. He helps take care of the others. But, he’ll be the first to admit he does love his honey. I’ve taken him to HA, but he only comes home and immediately checks his house for honey.

Isn’t Piglet adorable? He’s so small and pink. Like all four-year-olds he’s interested in everything, but doesn’t understand everything you tell him. I recall the time there was a tremendous rainstorm and he almost drowned. He was very clever in finding a way to get help. Piglet inspires everyone in the Forest to be helpful. You can read all about it in “Piglet is Entirely Surrounded by Water,” by A. A. Milne, illustrated by Ernest Shepard. Lovely books. The gang asks to hear them read every night.

I wanted to tell you about my friends as well as my job. You’ve met Teddy and Praise Dancer in a previous writing. They are my best friends. Teddy is a generation older than I am, and Praise Dancer is two generations younger than Teddy. Teddy was named for President Theodore Roosevelt and there are many more Teddy bears in his family line.

Praise Dancer goes by her name because she leads the dancing in her church. Praise dancing is beautiful, graceful, and worshipful. Sometimes she and her troupe dance with tambourines and sometimes with colorful banners that flow and float.

Teddy, Praise Dancer and I go on picnics whenever we can. We have so much to tell each other. Now tell us something about yourself, please.

That’s all for now, folks.


Nanny Annie

One Response to “Nanny Annie”

  1. Bill January 11, 2016 at 8:34 am #

    That’s a wonderful story DiVoran. I’ll bet Nanny Ann can’t wait for the next story. I can’t wait for the next one either.


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