Growing Up~Part 1

9 Aug


Judy Wills



Frequently, when I’m trying to find something to write about, I will go back through my pictures and find something that teases my interest. I did that recently, and discovered that I have some really delightful pictures of myself and my brother as we were growing up. Therefore, I would like to share those wonderful memories with you all. Here’s the first installment.

Billy and I were both born in Dallas, Texas.

And by-the-way – we called him “Billy” until he was about 14 years old when he decided he wanted to be called “Bill.” But for this purpose, he will be Billy.   He is about 3½ years older than I am, and while we had our ups and downs that most siblings have, we are overjoyed to be living within an hour of each other now. We really like each other much more now that we are adults!

Since we have Google and other browsers at our fingertips now, I looked up our old house in Dallas, and was pleased to see that the latest owners have really kept up the house – including adding an in-ground swimming pool in the back yard! So I guess the neighborhood has not gone downhill as I feared it might! Here’s a picture of our Mother with Billy and me in front of our house. Billy is 4½ years old, and I am one year old.


You can see by this picture of the neighborhood that Billy, by the age of about six months or so, was already into trucks and such.


Those of you who enjoy really old cars, will get a kick out of the cars in this photo and others to follow. These pictures were taken in the late 1930’s-to-early 1940’s. Enjoy! Here are a few other pictures of him….with a model airplane – see, he really DID start at an early age loving airplanes.


Remember his post about having that toy parachute (August 27, 2014)? Here is a picture of him with it.


And do you remember my post about the furniture that our grandfather made out of empty spools of thread (October 26, 2012)?   Here is a good picture of Billy with the child’s chair Grandpa made.


We don’t have those chairs anymore, but we do have other furniture he made for the family. Our mother had some, and her sister, our Aunt Jessie, had some, and now Bill and I each have some of that furniture, to remember a man who was so creative.

Here’s a picture of Billy and a second cousin, Jimmy Mac. Billy was only two years old.


And here’s another picture of the two of them – with me in the mix – when they were three years older.


And here’s a good picture of our Mother and Father, with Billy, when he was two years old.


And this one is of the four generations – Billy, our Mother, her Mother (our Granny), and Granny’s father.


Neat, neat, neat. I just LOVE these old pictures!

~~~~~~~~~~To Be Continued~~~~~~~~~~

One Response to “Growing Up~Part 1”

  1. Louise Gibson August 10, 2015 at 9:52 am #

    I always enjoy you writings, Judy…very nostalgic and interesting.


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