The Space Race Part

24 Jun

A Slice of Life

 Bill Lites

Bill Small Red Plane



I started teaching my kids and grandkids all about things related to rocketry and aviation early in their lives. Since I was part of the U.S. Space Program when my children were growing up, they got a heavy dose of rocketry. My son built and flew his first model rocket at age 9 or 10. We went on to enjoy that hobby together for years to come.


When the grandkids came along, the aviation bug that had bit their granddad, in his early years, was still there to infect them while they were young and spending monthly weekends with Grandmother & Granddad. Of course, my son and I had to teach my grandson the art and joy of model rocketry as well, during his teen years (and you know the youngsters are the ones who have the energy to chase the errant model airplanes and model rockets).


I hope you can forgive me for digressing some from my original subject. But, this blog is a quick overview of how “Aviation” and the “Space Race” have influenced and directed my life and work over the 35 of my Aerospace career. And, overall, how those same interests and desires have continued to influence my life to this very day.   I’m just as determined to experience as many “Aviation” related things (museums & airshows) today as I was when I was a teenager. In fact, every time an airplane flies over our house, I can’t resist looking up to see if my first guess as to what type of airplane it is (by the engine sound) was right or not. And then there are the periodic rocket launches that wake us up at all hours of the night. We have to jump up, grab the binoculars, and follow its fiery trail until it is out of sight. I’ve heard it said, “Some people never grow up.”   I guess I must be one of them.



—–The End—–

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