Take Time for Pie With Friends

12 Feb

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

I'm a winner

It’s Thursday again and I really( I have been editing so I MUST take out that adverb) don’t have much to write about. I had some thoughts this morning, but dealing with insurance company issues stripped my brain. So when my friend called and suggested going to get some pie, I went.

We nibbled our pie, sipped coffee and talked about all kinds of things from funny to serious.  It was a blessed time and I am so glad we made the time for each other.

This morning I read the blog of my cyber friend, Lia. She loves the savior, as we do and is a wonderful author as well. She wrote about her lack of progress on her next novel. The final paragraph in her blog, touched me. She gave me permission to share it here.

When life gets in the way, and we take time to think about what it means, we become deeper, richer human beings.  That will pour into our writing.  If we give ourselves to others in service with compassion, that will show up in the pages of our blogs, books, poetry or journals. We cannot improve the world around us without improving ourselves, and we cannot improve ourselves without improving our message.

One doesn’t have to be an author to feel frustrated when we don’t accomplish our “to do” list. We may not be writing books, poetry or blogs, but we are writing the story of Christ in our lives. Mike and I have started Tai-Chi with a You Tube instructor.  There is a move, that finishes with one pushing their arms forward and releasing their spirit to mingle with other people’s spirits.  Well that is too “new agey” for me. As I exhale and push my arms forward, in my mind I say. “I am pushing the spirit of Christ that lives in me into the world, may His light shine through me.

Click here if you would like to read the rest of Lia’s blog. Is Life Getting in the Way? | Lia London Books.

This in not me. I needed a picture!!

This in not me. I needed a picture!!

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