What to do Right Before Going Under the Knife

7 Jun

Walking by Faith, Not by Sight

Janet Perez Eckles

06-06-14 praying holding hands“You look fabulous,” the doctor’s nurse said when I went for a post-operative appointment. As all procedures go, this one had its risks, bleeding, infection, etc.”

I was awake during the procedure. With a local anesthetic to numb the identified area, I lay on the procedure chair. And while a bright, hot light shone on my face, I asked, “Before you begin, could I ask a favor?”

The doctor and nurse halted their moves. “Sure.”

“Would you allow me to pray?”

When they agreed, I began: “Lord, give this doctor wisdom,” I said out loud, “use her to perform the work that will bring you glory. In Jesus’ name.”

Risking appearing overly religious, I confess, prayer for me has become as natural as breathing. As quick as a reflex, and as common as smiling.


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