Does Anything Last Until the End

31 May

Walking by Faith, Not by Sight

Janet Perez Eckles

Goodness, spring is almost over and the spring cleaning isn’t done. Nudged by a bit of guilt, I rolled up my sleeves, and began with closets, then drawers. As I tossed out jars of who-knows-what in my bathroom drawer—old tubes of lipstick, creams that probably ended up there from when I was a teenager. But among the junk, to my delight, I found the little bottle of perfume I’ve been searching for for months. It was my favorite for its delicate, yet delicious scent.

 Without hesitation, I popped the glass lid off, brought it to my nose, and the scent was, well, blah. How could that fancy bottle of perfume lose its fragrance?

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