To Transfer or not Transfer… Data

21 Jun

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis


My computer is a 2009 model. It began getting cranky and running slow, but a RAM upgrade about a year ago made it happy again. I know its life is coming to an end but I love it. I know where everything is stored on it. I know its quirks.

Then there is the issue of having to move content from my current computer to a new one. To me, it is like packing up a home and moving to a new one. You don’t want to take all of the unused, accumulated stuff from the old place, but feel sure that if you throw it out, you will surely need it. My husband still bemoans the items from his backyard shed he tossed to the curb when we moved eight years ago. On the positive side, I plan to keep my “Old Faithful” computer so I can access whatever I did not transfer.

So, my quandary-transfer it all and load up my new computer hard drive or spend time cleaning the old one?

I blame this quandary on Groupon and our daughter. She found an amazing deal on a refurbished laptop and sent me the link. The computer was an older model but it was exactly what I had been wanting. The newer Mac computers don’t have the ability to upgrade the hard drive size and I need a large hard drive due to my work on videos and marketing graphics. I checked with the husband to see if he agreed with the purchase before clicking the buy button.

That is when buying the computer became complicated.

He suggested I check on the price of a new computer or a recent refurb. As I clicked over the Apple store, I inwardly fumed. He is not listening to me. I told him I don’t want that model.  We found a refurb that had a large hard drive and at a good price. I decided to just give in and get the one he wanted me to have.

His motives were pure and generous but he wasn’t giving me what I wanted!

Later, after my turmoil passed, I thought about how I respond to God when events happen in my life that I don’t want to experience.  God, you aren’t giving me what I want. How silly of me to demand to have my way, when God says in Isaiah 55:

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the Lord.
“As the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.


I am glad my husband pushed me to choose the newer model. He knows me well when it comes to tech.  I would have been happy to have the type of hard drive I wanted, but I love techy things and was sure to regret not taking the opportunity to use newer technology.

Once I upload this post tonight, Wednesday, I plan to begin the transfer of data to the new machine. I’ll let you know how it works out.



Photo by Ricky Kharawala on Unsplash




I'm a winnerAfter my retirement, I decided to re-learn the canning and preserving skills I learned from my mother but hadn’t practiced for twenty years. I titled this blog Old Things R New to chronicle my experience.  Since then I have been blessed to have six other bloggers join me, DiVoran Lites, Bill Lites,  Judy Wills, Louise Gibson, Janet Perez Eckles and Melody Hendrix

In addition to blogging, I work as the publicist/marketer/ amateur editor and general  “mom Friday” for my author daughter, Rebekah Lyn. I also manage her website, Rebekah Lyn Books  where we frequently host the best in up and coming authors.

Memory Lane Trip~Part 2

20 Jun

A Slice of Life

Bill Lites

Day 2 – Wednesday 4/18/2018


I headed west on U.S.- 61 this morning for my first stop to check out the South Louisiana Executive Airport located in Reserve, LA.  This turned out to be a very small local FBO with no activity and only a few hangered airplanes. However, they had a beautifully restored F-11 Tiger jet that was painted in Blue Angels colors as their gate guard.



Next I continued west on U.S.- 61 until I picked up I-10 west, to check out the USS Kidd (DD-661) located in Baton Rouge, LA.    The whole area around the ship, which was part of the Veteran’s Memorial Museum, was blocked off to visitors.  I discovered the ship was being used in the making of a new movie named “Greyhound” starring Tom Hanks.  The ship was surrounded with barge-cranes and boats to handle all the movie sound and lighting equipment.  I didn’t see any filming activity on the upper decks, and it will be interesting to see how they use that stationary ship in the finished movie.



Next I tried to find the Old Arsenal Museum also located there in Baton Rouge.  Access to the museum (which was hidden from sight from the only road where parking was available), was difficult to find and when I finally did get to the museum it was closed. A sign on the front of the museum indicated that it was the original powder storage magazine for the Baton Rouge Arsenal & Ordnance Depot. Wikipedia informed me that the Baton Rouge Arsenal was one of several arsenals established by an act of Congress in 1816 to protect Louisiana borders after the War of 1812.  In early1861, even before Louisiana had seceded from the union, the Louisiana State Militia captured the arsenal and held it until mid-1862 when Union forces recaptured it, during the Battle of Baton Rouge.



Just around the corner and down a couple blocks from the Old Arsenal, I checked out the Louisiana Old State Capital Building Museum situated on a high bluff overlooking the Mississippi River.  Designed and built in 1847-1852, the “Castellated Gothic” turreted edifice served the Louisiana Legislature from 1852 until 1862.  During the Civil War, when Union forces captured Baton Rouge, it was used as a prison and later as a military garrison.  I didn’t go inside because it was full and overflowing with junior high school age students on a field trip.



Now I headed west on I-10, across the Mississippi River, to visit the USS Orleck (DD-886) which is tied up on the Calcasieu River, located on the northwest side of Lake Charles, LA.  This turned out to be another real challenge for Greta, in that she directed me to the wrong side of the road.  The ship was tied up in an area which was almost completely obscured by trees and shrubbery, which made it very difficult to see from the road and also hard to photograph.  The ship was in a state of dis-repair and didn’t look like visitors were welcome. I googled the USS Orleck when I got home from my trip, and Wikipedia informed me that the ship was damaged during the 2005 Hurricane Rita and is now being prepared for the scrap yard.



While I still had some time before supper, I went looking for the Lake Area Radio Kontrol Society flying field located in Sulphur, LA just a few miles from Baton Rouge. This actually turned out to be the highlight of the day as far as I was concerned.  Greta found the field with no problem, and there was one club member with his Grumman F-7F Tigercat, getting ready to fly.  The club had one of the greatest flying field setups I’ve ever seen.  They have a 600’ paved runway, with several run-up stations and paved taxi-ways to the runway.  There is a large metal covered prep area with tables and chairs.  They also have a nice-sized attached clubhouse with full kitchen and bathroom.  We had a great time talking model airplanes before and after he flew his beautiful Tigercat.



The light was fading fast by the time I left the LARKS Model R/C field, so I headed for the motel there in Lake Charles.  Greta did a good job of finding the motel this time.  After I got checked in and settled in my room, it was time to relax, and  warmup my leftover Saltgrass Baby Back Ribs.  Who could ask for more to finish a long day on the road?



—–To Be Continued—–



Bill is a retired Mechanical engineer living with his wonderful artist/writer wife, DiVoran, of 58 years in Titusville, Florida. He was born and raised in the Southwest, did a tour of duty with the U.S. Navy, attended Northrop University in Southern California and ended up working on America’s Space Program for 35 years. He currently is retired and spends most of his time building and flying R/C model airplanes, writing blogs for Word Press and supporting his wife’s hobbies with framing, editing and marketing. He also volunteers with a local church Car Care Ministry and as a tour guide at the Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum in Titusville. Bill has two wonderful children, two outstanding grandchildren, and a loving sister and her husband, all of whom also live in Central Florida, so he and DiVoran are rewarded by having family close to spend lots of quality time with.

Bill’s favorite Scripture is: Philippians 1:6


Carrots and Tomatoes

18 Jun

My Take

DiVoran Lites




“Your garden is wonderful!” I said to the man standing in his side yard tending pots of growing vegetables. His big faded yellow lab came over to say hello.

The neighbor and I introduced ourselves.“Do you like tomatoes?” he asked.

“Sure, we like tomatoes,” I answered.

“I’ll give you some cherry tomatoes then,” he said, pulling them off the vine. He popped one and then another into his mouth. “Somebody’s been eating them.” He said with an innocent grin. “There aren’t many ripe ones.” He handed me six, then went to the vine with baseball-sized almost ripe tomatoes and picked three.” He held one out and ran his finger along a seam. “They split because we’ve had too much rain, but they’re still good.” He put all three into my hand. By this time I had hung my trekking poles from my wrists so I could have my hands free. In case you haven’t seen trekking poles before, they’re like ski poles and they’re supposed to strengthen the muscles in your upper back when you walk or hike. They’re great for stability on uneven sidewalks, too.

“How about carrots?” he asked.

“Yep, we like ‘em.”

He pulled a small but fat carrot from a pot. Then he went to another pot and started pulling on a feathery top. “Whoa, this is a really big one. I got to get my knife.”

I wait, holding my produce in both hands and my poles dangling from my wrists until he comes out with a butcher knife. He digs it into the soil and into the big carrot as well, the sliced places fill with dirt on the way out of the pot.

“You like green beans?” …another question.

“Sure,” doesn’t everybody?

He goes in the house and brings out a large package of frozen green beans—enough for two meals for Bill and me. When he sees that my hands are full he takes the beans with him and goes into the house. He comes back with the frozen bagful in a bigger grocery store bag. He holds it open for the carrots and tomatoes. I drop them in, put the thin handles over my wrist and take the trekking poles in my hands. The plastic bag handles dig a line into my wrist, and I wonder if I can walk the half-mile home with them. I must take it all because of the great pleasure it gave him to share. “We’re from West Virginia,” he says. Families always raised their own food back there. My wife’s an excellent cook, too.

It was like old home week. Mother always had her flowers: sweet peas, roses and nasturtiums, plus she took care of her own chickens. Dad contributed vegetables, fruit from his trees, and whatever fish and seafood he caught wherever they lived. They too shared with everybody who would receive and it gave them the greatest joy in their lives (next to grandchildren, of course.)

When they lived in Vista, California, Mother and Dad would get into their Datsun King Cab and head for a major growing area where big produce trucks lined up to haul tons of produce heading all over America. The trucks, piled high, drove fast and when they turned corners some of the produce rolled off. The law of the land was that if they were off the trucks the gleaners could have them. Mom and Dad filled the bed of their pick-up and brought the veggies home to share. As the Bible says, it is more blessed to give than to receive. I am, however, learning that it is also blessed to receive. A giver must have someone to give to and then everybody is happy.





Author, Poet and Artist

DiVoran has been writing for most of her life. Her first attempt at a story was when she was seven years old and her mother got a new typewriter. DiVoran got to use it and when her dad saw her writing he asked what she was writing about. DiVoran answered that she was writing the story of her life. Her dad’s only comment was, “Well, it’s going to be a very short story.” After most of a lifetime of writing and helping other writers, DiVoran finally launched her own dream which was to write a novel of her own. She now has her Florida Springs trilogy and her novel, a Christian Western Romance, Go West available on Amazon. When speaking about her road to publication, she gives thanks to the Lord for all the people who helped her grow and learn.  She says, “I could never have done it by myself, but when I got going everything fell beautifully into place, and I was glad I had started on my dream.”

Father’s Day 2018

17 Jun





I have written about Father’s Day in previous years, and sometimes feel that I’ve written just about all there is to tell about my father, and Fred’s father.  I know that isn’t true – I can’t put a lifetime of memories in just one posting. And so I think of other things along the way that each of those men said or did, and it makes a good memory for me.

I was blessed with a Christian daddy, and the love of God that he instilled in me.  Of course, his job entailed working in the church-related side of life.  But he loved it, and did a wonderful job of it. He was quite dedicated to his job and his Lord.


1942 – Dallas, Texas
Daddy, Bill, Judy, Mom


Fred was blessed with a Christian daddy, as well. His dad was a military chaplain when I met him, and served 28 years in the military as a chaplain.  He had a tremendous love of God and country, and passed that along to Fred.


1946 – Columbus, New Jersey
Kitty holding Larry, Charles holding Sally
Emily and Fred standing


But there are more “Fathers” in my life, not just my father and father-in-law.  My husband is a father, and has been a solid rock for our family to cling to.  His love of God and country is recognized by many – those he’s worked with in his past military days, and those he worked with in retirement.  He was the Church Administrator at our church for just about 13 years.  He was and is still highly respected by those in the congregation, as well as the vendors he dealt with in the up-keep of the church facility.  The vendors sometimes still ask to talk to Fred, rather than the current administrator.


1976 – Panama City, Florida


Fred has loved God for so long, and deeply, and he has been able to share that love with his daughters.  They learned to love God, as well, from him.  They learned that loving God is more than just attending church on Sundays.  They looked at Fred and realized that loving God is living a life dedicated to God – every day of his life.  He is just amazing, and I love him.

My brother, Bill, is another man of God.  He has led his family with faith in our loving Lord, to the belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  His life – and the life of his family – show the love of man for family and man for God.  I am so proud to be his sister, and to share the love of God with him.


1985 – Titusville, Florida


Well, what more can I say?  I am surrounded by the love of God and I couldn’t be happier with that situation.  God has placed me with loving people.  I am blest.


Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,

who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.

Ephesians 1:3


God is with us, always and forever.

16 Jun

Walking by Faith, Not by Sight

Janet Perez Eckles






God is with us, always and forever.

Reblogged June 16, 2018

“May I take that out of your way?”

S-L-O-W  S-L-O-W  S-L-O-W

I hate when the waitress asks that question. That means those with whom we’re having dinner have finished their meals, and it’s a sign for me to hurry. Tough to do because chances are I’m still munching away and have a half-filled plate of food still in front of me.

Why I eat so slowly is a mystery I’ll never figure out. Some tease saying it’s because I talk too much during meals. But I have tried eating in silence. It didn’t work.

I’m still the last one to finish, wa-a-a-ay after everyone has ordered dessert, cups of coffee, and run out of conversation.

I guess I can ask for a doggy bag…but they always end up in the trash.

Our friends are too polite to complain. And hubby never expresses impatience. Take that back…one day he did say he’d bring a book to read while he waits for me.

He Will Always Stick Around

But no matter what, I know he’ll stick around with me until the end. He always has and I’m confident he still will.

God is also like that. He’s with us till the end—whether we’re in the middle of a conflict, writing a book, dealing with broken relationships, or just figuring life out—He’s with us till the end.


“For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end” (Psalm 48:14).

So…if you’re wondering who’s going to stick by your side no matter what…here’s another promise for you:

“[God] In the beginning you laid the foundations of the earth, and the heavens are the work of your hands. They will perish, but you remain; they will all wear out like a garment. Like clothing you will change them and they will be discarded. But you remain the same, and your years will never end” (Psalm 102: 24-26).

Life changes, but He remains the same. People disappoint you, but His love still pulls you forward. Circumstances turn dark, but His light of hope still shines.

Let’s Pray

Father God, every one of us has felt alone at times…abandoned…without hope. But Praying you lean on Him till the end. But your Words to us through the Bible are clear: you are with us. You will be our guide to the end. May we lean on your promises to be with us always. In Jesus’ name, amen.



Did you know I wrote a book filled with words of encouragement, uplifting thoughts and illustrations of real-life triumph to empower you? Its title, Trials of Today, Treasures for Tomorrow: Overcoming Adversities in Life. You can get it HERE.

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Rejoice in Life

14 Jun

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis



I woke this morning feeling a bit sad and anxious. Some of the verses in my morning reading were in Philippians 4. I decided to create this graphic to lift my spirits.  And it did! I love getting free photos from Unsplash!



We have been enjoying a visit from my aunt and cousin this week. Today we drove up to the Cherokee Indian Reservation to play tourist. While we were at a park by the river, a group of ducks came to visit us. I am sure they were hoping for handouts. They had baby ducklings and they were adorable! My cousin was brave and waded in the chilly water.


This one seemed to be trying to decide whether it should chase me.



On the home front, I found this cute water fountain at Lowes but it was too small for the purpose I had in mind. After a day or two of pondering, my husband and I decided it would work if we used a wine barrel planter, that had been purchased when we were in Florida, and added an unused cement plant stand to give the fountain the needed height. I had my heart set on Geraniums but had no idea it would be difficult to find individual plants. When I finally located some at Wal-Mart, the daily rains had saturated the plants and I didn’t want to put sopping wet plants into my car. The first sunny day that rolled around, I zipped to the store and grabbed the plants before the rains returned.


I am pleased with how it turned out.

Memory Lane Road Trip~Part 1

13 Jun

A Slice of Life

Bill Lites






The emphasis of this trip was FAMILY.  I had contacted several cousins and was looking forward to seeing them on this trip.  One cousin, on my mother’s side, lives in Elgin, Texas near Austin. I had not seen him for almost 20 years, and I was hoping things would work out for us to have some time together.  Three other cousins, on my father’s side, live in the Arlington/Grand Prairie, Texas area located between Dallas and Fort Worth.  I had not seen any of them in almost 20 years either. Several other cousins, also on my father’s side, live in Many, Louisiana located south of Shreveport. I had not seen any of them in more than 50 years.  So as you can imagine, I was excited to get in contact with them again during this trip.


Day 1 – Tuesday 4/17/2018


It was a beautiful spring day when DiVoran drove me to the Orlando International Airport, to catch my Southwest Airlines flight to New Orleans, LA.  The non-stop flight was on time, smooth and the peanuts were fresh.



After I picked up my rental car, the plan was to visit a couple museums in the downtown New Orleans area and then to have coffee and beignets at the well-known Café Du Monde across from Jackson Square.  Well, it had been almost a year since I had asked Greta (my Garmin) to find a museum for me, and I guess she was still on vacation.  I had asked Greta to take me to the Musee Conti Wax Museum.  The downtown area was a zoo, with traffic and pedestrians everywhere.  When we finally got to the Conti Street area, she said “You have arrived at your destination on the right.” I didn’t see a sign for the museum, so I went around the block, and this time she said “You have arrived at your destination on the left.”  Was she confused or was I the one who didn’t know my left from my right?



There was no place to park, which would allow me to walk the street and get a closer look at the buildings, so I gave up and headed for my next museum.  As it turned out, I had a similar problem trying to find the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum. The shops in the downtown area are so small, close together and shaded, that it is hard to see many of the store signs from the street.




 Next I plugged in the address for the Jackson Barracks Museum, and Greta did not recognize the address.  When I called the museum on the phone to get directions, there was no answer.  After driving around for a while, I spotted an Enterprise Rent-A-Car office and stopped in to ask for a local map and directions. No one in that office had ever heard of the museum.  But a customer waiting for his car overheard my question and said he could tell me exactly how to get there. I followed his directions, the best I could, which ended up taking me another hour of driving around to “nowhere.” I was disappointed not to find this museum as it looks, from this Internet photo, like a very large and interesting museum.



I decided to give up on museums for today. Maybe I would have better luck tomorrow. Now I headed for Walmart to getmy necessary trip supplies. (I guess Greta is back on the job, since she took me right to the store).  I had received an email advertising Sonny’s Baby Back Ribs at half price (One day only) to help celebrate Tax Day (?). When I was finished shopping, and was exiting the store, a helpful employee looked up Sonny’s BBQ for me on his phone. To my dismay there are no Sonny’s BBQ restaurants in the New Orleans area. So now the hunt was on for another restaurant, to satisfy my desire for Baby Back Ribs. This turned out to be the Saltgrass Steak House, where their Baby Back Ribs were falling-off-the-bone delicious and their sweet potato fries were great too.



—–To Be Continued—–

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