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Minute Mediatations~8

7 Jun


Judy Wills




What gives you the most rest in your life? Is it just a good night’s sleep?


Is it vegging in front of the TV after work?


Is it sleeping in that lawn chair after a hard day’s work?


Is it doing something other than work?

Fred and I have often agreed that, doing something different from your normal work day is a type of rest for your body and mind.

When I was working for a company in Virginia, one of my six (count them….SIX) bosses was a young man, very skilled in finance. It was a small company, and he was tasked to do a lot of things for the company. In his office, directly across the room from his desk, was a very large picture of a mountain scene, complete with snow, ski lift, and a bunch of skiers swooping down the mountain side. Snow skiing was his passion. I understood that, in a very stressful day, he had only to look at that picture for a few minutes, visualize himself in that picture-setting, and have a moment of rest.

Have you ever “rested” in the Lord? Have you ever just let yourself know that God is in complete control of whatever situation you find yourself in, and sit back, relax, and REST in God’s capable hands? WOW! Talk about rest!! That’s the ultimate.

My brother, Bill, wrote about this one time. Here’s what he said:


I’ve written about God’s perfect timing before, and it still stands. It’s when we can allow God to have complete control of our lives that we experience true rest. The peace that comes with that rest is the best and most refreshing we will ever have. And if we wait upon the Lord, we will see that, indeed, His timing is perfect…and so is our REST in Him.

I am grateful.

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