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We’ve a Story to Tell

19 Oct

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Author, Poet and ArtistWe had dinner with Bill’s sister, Judy, and her husband, Fred, the other night. We do that at least once a month. October was different, though, because this time the Wills’ daughter, Karen, and her husband, Brian Clements joined us, as did our son, Bill.

Karen and her husband, Brian, are going into the new adventure of being missionaries with Greater Europe Mission (GEM). They have two grown children and live in the Chicago area. Karen is a buyer of children’s books at their town library and Brian, until recently has worked for the Baxter Healthcare Corporation. Both are well-educated and skilled in various disciplines. Now they have been called to become missionaries to the world and they are raising their support. They love their new job, though Karen hopes to stay with the library part-time as long as the Lord allows.

The statistics state that only 2% of the people in Europe are Christians now, so it’s exciting to be this close to a small part of the action.

The organization was started by a World War II Navy chaplain, Robert P. Evans, in 1949 who was also part of the Billy Graham Youth for Christ movement.

Karen’s grandfather was a Military chaplain, too. Karen and Brian were teens when Brian’s dad was the pastor of the English-language church in Heidelberg. Fred and Judy worked tirelessly in many areas of the church. Brian and Karen were 14 when they met, and by then, they had both fully given their lives to Jesus. They married several years later in America. What a match!

Because Brian and Karen have been church leaders in their home area near Chicago for twenty-two years, have reared two successful children, and Brian has been to seminary, they also have a great deal to teach children and parents about how to link up with God and how to run a home. Besides that they are just plain dear and hard-working people. We love them and they love us.

Brian has been working informally with GEM for a year and will be helping tend to some of the business side of the organization. Naturally, he travels, but he also regularly uses Skype as well. He (and sometimes Karen) will be helping the team to teach four new-missionary conferences in Colorado Springs every year. In between conferences Brian will contribute his business experience as well as his ability to mentor newer, younger team-members.

In the European countries, every job applicant is required to speak English. Brian enjoyed working with the GEM team that successfully negotiated for an academy in Madrid where immigrants will be able to learn to speak it. They’ll have access to computers, but more to the point they’ll have a chance to meet our Lord Jesus. The hope is that someday they can move back to their own countries taking Christianity and their new life-empowerment with them. If you’re flying around on the Internet someday and have time, take a look at the GEM organization and the new ways in which they are trying to reach the people of the world.Here’s what our friend and blog-mistress, Onisha, had to say about this news.

“Gem Missions sounds like a wonderful opportunity to serve. For some reason, I feel like I have heard of them from someone else. I am sure Judy was glad to have Karen and her husband visit with them and will offer their support too. Europe is a fine mission field, especially with all the refugees flooding the countries.  I read one person who said American Christians should not complain about all the Muslims settling here, but should think of it as God sending the mission field to us. That really stuck with me.”

I agree with what Onisha has written and I’d like to add that our omniscient Father is seeing to it that they’ll learn the language that is quickly becoming a means of communication for everyone in the world.

We’ve a Story to Tell to the Nations

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