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The Mysterious Holy Spirit

4 Dec

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The Mysterious Holy Spirit

John 14


When two or three of my people are together, I, the God of the angel armies, am there too. Jesus, My son and your brother lives in Me, the Holy Spirit works through us all.

Jesus holds us all together. Without His atonement, there would be no Christianity, only helpless belief systems. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit for your good and for the good of all humanity.

We are your comforter, your helper, your teacher, your guide. We are everything for you: strengthener, advocate, intercessor. We communicate between Heaven and Earth. We live as the one universal God. The only God who is not just a piece of clay. All one: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We are the Trinity. We cannot be separated or singled out. We are all in all and all for everyone.


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