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Optical Illusion

16 Feb


 Judy Wills

Judy Wills



I’ve always been fascinated by optical illusions.  Not that I can always “pick them apart” and figure them out, but I try.  There are several that I really enjoy.  Here is one of them.


Can you see the THREE faces in there?  Look again – there really are three.

1.  The young girl is facing away from you.

2.  The old woman is in the middle – her eye is the young girl’s ear, and her nose is the young girl’s chin – with a “wart” on it (the young girl’s nose).

3.   The man’s eye is also the young girl’s ear, and his mustache is the young girl’s fur collar, with his long nose coming down over his mustache.

The hat fits all three.  Such fun!

And then there’s the one with the elephant.  Does this beastie have three or four legs?  Perhaps five legs?


And then there’s the one with the faces in the vase.


One of my favorite artists, other than my sister-in-law, DiVoran, is Bev Doolittle.  She paints a lot of outdoor scenes, but there are usually “hidden” faces or things within her paintings.  One of the best examples is below.  How many hidden faces can you find?


But one of my all-time favorite illusions is a painting in the rotunda of the American Adventure at EPCOT.  If you are ever there – either waiting for the Voices Of Liberty to sing, or the American Adventure show – then check out the painting of the airplane on the wall.  Start at the left side of the painting, then move toward the opposite wall – toward the right side of the painting.  The airplane moves with you!!  Absolutely amazing!  (Sorry – I don’t have a copy of that picture to insert here)  How did the artist do that?  Whenever we are in that place, and we usually strike up a conversation with the people around us, we always point out that painting to them.  They are amazed, as well.

Some people are so talented, and I’m so glad that God made us all with different skills.  These kinds of things really delight me.  I feel like God just gives them to us to lift our hearts and let us laugh a little bit.

The American Adventure


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