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Morning High Jinks

26 Apr

I mentioned our rascally squirrels in a previous post this week. They are devilishly clever. They seem to know exactly how many steps one can take out the back door before they need to run.

Last night, I put batteries in my camera (husband wisely insists that batteries not be left in the camera) and decided to try to capture a few shots.

Sure enough, as I sipped my morning coffee, I saw not one but three squirrels. One was on the feeder, one on the bird bath and one on the ground. I didn’t capture the one on the ground as he scampered when he saw me.

I wish the pictures were more clear but it is hard to hold the camera steady and focus. The one on the bird bath was getting ready to dash into the trees and was followed by the feeder thief who made like a fire fighter and slid down the pole!

He didn’t go far though. There were still seeds to eat! He parked in one of the aloe plants we are are rooting and continued eating. Pretty clever to rake some seeds into the pot! Even with his thieving ways, he is cute.

I usually post a Seeking Peace blog on Fridays but the one I am working on still has work to be done…in me. I will give you a hint. It involves fried chicken. Yum.

Cute and Cunning

24 Apr

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

I have mixed feelings about squirrels. Their impish personalities are charming and I am certain they enjoy showing off. Often I wish for a camera handy to catch one as it drinks from the bird bath. On the other hand, they are greedy creatures and can clean out a bird feeder in record time. Sometimes they pair up. One climbs the feeder pole and rakes out the seeds to its partner in crime on the ground.

Photo credit Pixabay

Today was the second and final laser treatment of my eye. At the surgical center, the people “up next” sit in a small alcove where the tech administers eye drops. The wait to be treated can take an hour or more and the patients tend to chat. Today’s group was quite chatty. The man sitting next to me wore woven deer hide boots. After he left, conversation turned to shoes, specifically, sneakers. Five out of five preferred Sketchers. We could have done a television ad!

I have a check up next week to see how my pressure responded to the treatment and then we can head to Western North Carolina or as we call it, “God’s Country.”

Brother-in- law, Ron at Cullasaja Falls

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