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Seeking Peace-Even When the Time Changes

8 Mar

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis


It seems silly to be disturbed about the upcoming spring forward time change but it annoys me. I am not a morning person. Never have been.



This moves from annoying to soul-searching as I dig into what really bothers me about spring forward. Since this occurs on a Sunday morning, I have to get up an hour earlier to make it to our 9am Sunday morning class. I’m not sure which pastor decided we should begin meeting at 9am. Didn’t he know that Baptist always begin at 9:45 am?

It comes down to this, Is my hour of sleep more important  to me than gathering in fellowship with my sisters and brothers in Christ? Am I being legalistic  or lazy? And this is where my losing peace comes in.



Love: God loves me  infinitely even when I don’t want to give up my sleep. I want to show love the way He does. Not there or even close.

Joy: I can choose this Sunday to be grumpy or joyful.  Grumpy isn’t a lot of fun.

Peace: Because I am secure in His love, I can be honest with him.

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