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Helping Hands in Saint John’s Soup Kitchen, Newark NJ

9 Mar

Helping Hands

Onisha Ellis

Shake the World


I had high hopes that this week I would have a guest blogger to share what their community is doing to lend a helping hand to members of their community. Since that did not materialize, I decided to continue the series by contacting food pantries listed at FoodPantries.org. For today, I found the St. John’s Soup Kitchen through Networked Blogs. Be sure to click the link above for St. Johns’s Soup Kitchen to read the About page. It appears to be a fantastic organization that  offers not only food, but medical care as well and is supported by free will donations.  I reblogged their post from February 12, 2016. I hope it touches your heart as it did mine –Onisha

What Would Jesus Do?

When I awoke this morning and being aware of the frigid temperatures coming upon us this weekend, I could not help thinking about our homeless brothers and sisters on the streets of Newark. As so on as I arrived at St. John’s I noticed our friends bundled up rushing to get their hot chocolate and quickly dispersing into warm shelter (Newark Penn Station). What would Jesus do? I asked myself.  I am sure Jesus would welcome them into his house, so I decided to open our church’s doors and allow them to eat their lunch in Jesus’ house. The staff and I quickly brainstormed how could this work best, and I have to tell you it made my heart happy. If you had been here, your heart would jump with joy as well to see our brothers and sister taking a break from the cold temperatures eating their lunch in a warm place and in good company, even if it was only for a little while. I think Jesus too was very happy to have had them as guests in his house.

Source: News& Events| Saint John’s Soup Kitchen, Newark NJ

If you have a story to share about your community or if you benefitted from a helping hand, I would like to share it. Leave a note in comments and I will contact you.

Helping Hands in Franklin, North Carolina

2 Mar

Helping Hands

30 Hour Famine

Onisha Ellis

On Saturday, we came across helping hands in a surprising place, outside of the Walmart in Franklin, NC. At first I wasn’t sure what the group of teens and adults were doing as I was distracted by the sight of two guys trying to set up a small tent. Now, I know RV folks will often spend the night in a Walmart parking lot and call it Walmart camping, but a tent?  As I drew closer, I saw a table with cans and boxes of food with teens holding up signs stating they were hungry and asking people to donate to the local food pantry, CareNet.  I waved at them and  made a mental promise to stop and drop off food as we left. As I shopped,  I drew on my observations of the items that were popular at Compassion House and avoided green beans and corn. Leaving the Walmart parking lot we dropped off our contributions and were rewarded with big grins and thank yous. As we pulled away, I decided I wanted a picture for this post. Fortunately Rebekah was with me and she agreed to walk over to them and ask to take a picture.

Franklin, NC JPEG

As we drove through downtown and took a few wrong turns we saw two other 30 Hours of Famine drop offs. Now I really wanted to know more. Fortunately, the event had a nice article in the local free paper and explained that the participating youth fast for 30 Hours to experience what the world’s poorest children and families experience everyday. Another benefit is that teens can see firsthand how they can make an impact in people’s lives.

If you would like to read more about 30 Hours of Famine click the link below.

Franklin area students to fight hunger, save lives during 30 Hour Famine

Do you volunteer in a local helping hands capacity or are you part of an organization that does? Leave a comment with permission for me to contact you. I would love to share your story!

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