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Seeking Peace-Annoying Opportunities

15 Feb

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis


This has been an interesting week. I’ve been musing about the positive aspect of annoying people. I’m talking about a wide spectrum of people from a spouse to the driver who cuts you off in traffic, or even more annoying the one who pulls out in front of you, then drives 15 miles per hour under the speed limit.

I believe God knows all and there is nothing that happens in my life that is a surprise to him. In the same way that he knows all, he knows me, with  my weaknesses and strengths. If I am driving down the road  and God said prayer for that person in the blue car next to you, I would question whether I was hearing from God or imagining it. But if that person cut me off in traffic, I would certainly be thinking strongly about them.



But hey, God got my attention and in my seeking peace quest, I am learning to turn my angry/annoyed thoughts to prayers for them. At this time, I am about 1%  successful.

Every annoyance is an opportunity. My days are filled with opportunity, how about yours?


Love: Love extends grace.

Joy: Joy is always available to me. I need to pursue opportunities to be joyful.

Peace: I have peace when I don’t make myself the center of my attention.

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