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My 2016 Mid-West Trip~Part 5

3 Aug

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Day 5 (Wednesday)


The trip from Fort Worth to Oklahoma City was uneventful. The mesquite trees that inundated central and northern Texas began to disappear as I progressed north, to be replaced by beautiful green foliaged trees of all types in Oklahoma.


My first stop today was to visit the Oklahoma Railroad Museum located on the east side of Oklahoma City. This museum turned out to be a very small museum with just a few steam engines, and some passenger & freight cars. It was closed, so I wasn’t able to go through any of their restored museum pieces.


The H & H Gun Range was on the Internet list of “Things to do in Oklahoma City” and I was interested to see what it was all about.  It turned out to be one of the most impressive gun shops I have ever witnessed.  They had every type of pistol, rifle, and ammunition anyone could ever need. They had a pistol range, a rifle range, and even a bow and arrow range. They also had every type of hunting and fishing equipment that a person might have need of. All of this in one store that took up as much as a city block in length and was all housed under one roof.


Next I stopped at the Oklahoma Science Center, but it was absolutely full of children (grade school through high school) and was so noisy you could hardly hear yourself think. As you might imagine, I didn’t stay long.


Down the road a ways was the Charles B. Hall Air Park located just outside the main entrance to Tinker Air Force Base. They had a nice arrangement of restored aircraft, statically displayed in the park. The park was named in honor of Major Hall, who was a Tuskegee Airman flying with the 99th Pursuit Squadron during WWII. He was also the first African-American to shoot down an enemy aircraft in combat. I really hate to see some of these magnificent warbirds sitting out in the weather and slowly deteriorating.


On my way to Bethany, OK to visit my next aviation museum, I stopped off at 180 Medical to talk to Taylor Dragoo, who is my company contact for my self-catheterization supplies. As it turned out he did not look anything like the picture I had of him in my mind, when we are talking on the phone. We had a nice visit but he was busy and I had places to go, so I didn’t stay long.


My last stop for the day was at the Oklahoma Museum of Flying located in Bethany, Ok. The owners were kind enough to let me in, past their normal 4 o’clock closing time. The museum is quite small with only four planes in one small hanger. However all four of those airplanes are in flying condition. With one of their planes being a B-25 Mitchell, we talked of people in the warbird restoration community that we all knew, such as Tom Riley and Dave Matthews.



When I arrived at the motel for the evening, I arranged everything I was going to take into my room on the passenger seat and punched the door unlock button. I walked around to the passenger door, to retrieve the items, and found the passenger door locked. What a surprise! I was sure I had punched the unlock button. But when I went back to the driver’s door it was also locked. “Uh Oh! Where are my keys? On the seat with the other things. What have I done now? Locked myself out of the car, dummy.” Everything I needed to contact Roadside Assistance was laying right there on the seat out of reach.


It took me half an hour and four phone calls before I could contact someone with Thrifty who could help me. It took another half hour for the locksmith to get there and unlock the door. The only upside to this entire ordeal was that the manufacturer had included “Lockout Insurance” with the car, so I didn’t have to pay for the locksmith. You better believe I will be keeping a close eye on those car keys for the rest of this trip.


Dinner tonight at the local Cracker Barrel was grilled catfish, collard greens and a tossed green salad, with ranch dressing. One of their famous biscuits and honey was my dessert. What a delicious meal that was.




—–To Be Continued—–

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