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Kindness- See Something, Share Something.

19 Mar

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

We have a food distribution group, Hummingbird Pantry, in our town that I have heard of but knew nothing of it. I am not sure where the group gets the food, but it is donated. Distribution is impromptu and one has to monitor Facebook for the announcement. Since we had to be out yesterday I suggested we use the GPS and find out where it is located. To our surprise, there was a line. I quickly searched Facebook and learned distribution was going on.

The line was long. Real long. It snaked around a school building. But since we didn’t have any plans we decided to join the line. The line moved almost continuously which was encouraging until we came to the queue. Can you imagine vehicles of all sizes weaving through a queue? It kind of felt like barrel racing. The turns were tight for a full size pickup truck. As cars began to get confused on which way to go, a volunteer went into the field to unsnarl us. My husband took this video.

When we made it to the distribution site, we had no idea what to do. A volunteer bright a paper for us to sign, then another volunteer brought a daisy flower bouquet to the car. The food was stacked in boxes, each item was a station and volunteers loaded our portion into the car. They gave us three cabbages, a bag of plum tomatoes, a case of organic Romaine lettuce, two bunches of organic bananas, one watermelon, a box of cinnamon crumb donuts, and a bottle of blue cheese salad dressing.

This was way too much for us to use up. I was able to share the bananas with two friends. We kept a cabbage, some tomatoes , lettuce, and the Daisys. A friend’s daughter was able to take the rest minus three donuts we couldn’t resist! I forgot that DiVoran didn’t need lettuce and sent some to her. Fortunately she knew a neighbor with children that could use it.

This ministry is a blessing to our community. In the past week I have seen an increasing number of posts of people being kind to strangers, local organization stepping up to help. Our North Carolina town has a project called The Little Free Pantry. They have collected snack foods for the students as their schools are closed. States have repurposed school buses to deliver free breakfast and lunches to homes.

The news on TV and online is discouraging, yet so much good is happening.

Let’s change this! If you see kindness, say something.

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