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My Brain is Twisted Spaghetti

27 Apr

On  the Porch

Onisha Ellis


I’m pretty sure I am driving a very dear friend crazy. You see, she made the mistake of offering to help me create a website. To begin with she told me where to purchase a domain and secure a host server. After I had accomplished step one, she patiently led me through choosing a WordPress theme, then loaded it onto the server. Easy, I thought I can do this. Next she told me to begin loading content. Whaaat? How does one load content into a blank website? I am comfortable with a blog. All I have to do is write my thoughts and publish. Content it seems is way more complicated. Without having a clue, I began creating pages and adding links. My confidence began to build then she asked me to provide pictures in a custom size for the slider. I think she mentioned other pictures too but my mind totally blanked out.  So did my friend. Her last email stated she would be hiding, I mean relaxing in the woods without Internet or phone for the whole weekend. Did I mention she lives up North?

So, I am reaching out to our blog readers with questions. Why do they call widgets, widgets? Why aren’t widgets more specific? I need one that says “want a badge, paste it here.” Why won’t my categories parent? How do I remove the book covers on the right side of my landing page? How do I get those nice Amazon buttons and how do I become an Amazon affiliate and do I paste that somewhere?

I have been reading a great deal about content for websites and they all agree a website needs a great call to action so I am practicing on our readers. Here’s my call to action- anyone want to be my website tutor?


Skinny Jeans for Seniors

26 Nov

My Take

DiVoran Lites

On Mondays I go to the Titusville Art League for what I call, “Inspiration Monday,” where four of us, or three, or two meet to inspire each other and to enjoy the blessing of friendship and company. We look after each other too.

Karen comes in first. She has a long and fascinating story to tell about why she’s late. She comes to our town for the winter and goes to Ohio for the summer. She has discovered black Gloria Vanderbilt jeans that fit like no jeans I’ve ever seen before in my life.

Bess came in with her trellis ribbon at the ready to crochet the most gorgeous, light-weight, three-strand necklaces you ever saw. She taught us how to do it and even supplied the ribbon.

Agnes didn’t come. She’s a retired nurse, who once had cancer. She now often looks after her, “young minister’s little wife,” because she now has the monster disease. Agnes is the fashion police and worries when I wear baggy pants, which I do a lot because praise God I’ve lost weight (on purpose).

I’m DiVoran. You know me. I’ve just published my first book, Sacred Spring, my painting buddies helped me paint the cover. We talk about everything and help each other and say outrageous things to make each other laugh.

Karen, Bess, and I went to Valentino’s for lunch. Bess and I had minestrone and Karen had chicken wings. We shared a basket of garlic bread with a small squabble about who would pay for the garlic bread. Each one wants to give something.

The restaurant was as dark as a bar but we didn’t have to see each other. We knew we all had white or gray hair and a wrinkle or two. Karen and I sat side by side with Bess facing us. When it came time to leave, my hand fell on a set of keys on the seat between us. Oh, I’m glad I felt those keys.

We went to Beall’s as usual because they have sales on Mondays. I didn’t stay long, but when as I left the store, I checked my keys and guess what, they weren’t mine, they were Karen’s. I rushed back into the store looking for white hair above the racks. At last I spotted her and strode over to the skinny jeans department to give her the keys. She grabbed me and hugged me. We both knew she or I or anyone would have been capable of losing the keys and having to launch a frantic search to find them. Friends look after each other sometimes, but there is one who is always taking care of his children.

“For thou art a gracious and merciful God.” Nehemiah 9:31




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