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The Razzle-Dazzle Snake Mover

11 Jun

My Take

DiVoran Lites

I pull the chenille bedspread up to make the bed and there’s a baby black snake the size of a shoelace lying on the floor. When the light hits him, he wiggles to the baseboard and tries to go under the wall-to-wall carpet. Thank you rug man for making it tight.  What do I do now? There are two things I know I will not do. I will not touch him and I will not kill him. I hear one of our cats meowing for her breakfast from the closed studio. Another thing I will not do is let the cats take care of the problem, as much as they would love to. That would end in death for the small creature that is already running for his life. I send up a quick request for guidance. Oh yes, maybe I can herd him out the back door with my razzle dazzle, the long-handled duster Aunt Judy brought me from Colorado all those years ago. It is made of soft fuzzy fibers.

We’ve zigzagged about two feet when he slips under the door of an adjacent closet where I keep the vacuum cleaner. I stand before the door my heart pounding like a tom-tom. What shall I do now?

I’ll brush him out of the closet and we’ll be on our way to the back door. It’s only a few yards. I move the vacuums out, no snake. I reach down for a tissue box in which I’m storing plant sticks. There he is. I jump back a bit. He makes a break. Fast as a flash, he’s under a paper grocery bag we’ve made into a hide-away for the cats to play in. One cat is still meowing, “Let me in.”

I breathe deeply, and hold for the count of seven. I need Bill, but he’s still asleep. Oh, well, it’s almost time for him to get up. I knock on his door. “Will you help me? There’s a little snake in the house.” I go back to my post. “I’m in here,” I call out. “He’s under there.”

Bill has an extension to pick things up with if you can’t bend over. He goes to the studio to get it. Lily, still meowing dashes in. I wave the razzle-dazzle in her path. She brakes and skids to a halt, her claws scrambling on the kitchen vinyl. The other cat peeks around the corner. Bill picks them up one by one and puts them out as he goes for the extension.

We lift the sack and unveil the pitiful, rumpled shoestring in the corner near the built-in bookcase. Bill reaches out and carefully lifts the snake in the extension. The snake wiggles and drops to the floor. While he is still disoriented Bill secures him again and carries him out the front door in the soft rubber grippers. He sets him down in the flowerbed. Mission accomplished.

Matthew 6:33-34

English: Line art drawing of a black snake.

English: Line art drawing of a black snake. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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