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The Gurgle Pot

29 Jan


Judy Wills


Some years ago, Fred’s youngest sister gave us a most unusual gift – a Gurgle Pot. Never heard of it? Neither had we, so let me tell you about this neat item.

It is a water pot for your table. It is shaped like a fish. It makes a delightfully amusing “gurgling” sound as you pour. According to the information card that came with the Pot, the designer, Matt Ellison tells us how it all got started:

“Years ago, I attended my brother’s wedding in a small village in Southern France. Since there were no hotels in town, all guests were matched with French hosts. My hosts spoke no English and I spoke no French which made dinner conversation a challenge. Long stretches of awkward silences were compounded by the fact that French dinners can last 3-4 hours. There was, however, one saving grace…a fish shaped water pitcher that “gurgled.” I found myself drinking more water than wine so I could fill the silent room with “gurgling” and unite the table with smiles.”

“Inspired by the lighthearted affect of the gurgling sound, I returned home and began sculpting my own version. Ten years, two kids, 15 molds and one typhoon off the coast of China later, I can finally share the GurglePot™ with you. I’m confident it will create similar smiles around your dining table in years to come.

Pour, Listen, Enjoy!”

So there you have it – the Gurgle Pot in all it’s glory. It really is a fun thing to have on your table. It is definitely a conversation-starter. If you care to go online to see all the different colors it comes in, just type in “gurgle pot” in your browser and see them all.

Fred’s sister gave us one in what might be called earth-tones or clay-flower-pot, but most websites call it “red.” It is produced in a rainbow of colors.




We thoroughly enjoy our very own GurglePot™ – and you might, as well.

Amazon has a large selection of GurglePots  large and small.



























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