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The Cross

22 Apr


Judy Wills




Within the past few months, we had noticed some construction going on not too far from our house. There is a Methodist church quite near us, and their property extends right up to a “loop” around Orlando.

For the longest time, we couldn’t figure out just what was going up – the structure was pretty far away from the church itself, while still on their property. We thought it might be a “staging area” for some road construction.



And then, one day – it was just….there. And what to our amazed eyes did we see, but an enormous CROSS – right there by the busy highway! It is white, and looks to be made of metal. Fred says that it is probably 80′ or 90′ tall.



As we drive toward Disney (or back to our house from Disney) that cross is so large it just “pops” up in our line of sight! It’s amazing! Especially if the sky is the brilliant, bright blue that it can be.



And because it’s on the church’s property, no one can complain about it. Well, they might complain, but that’s all that will happen. The church owns the property, after all, and they can pretty much do what they want with it.

When we told some friends about it, someone suggested that it might also double as a cell-tower. Come to find out – that is exactly what it is! So the Methodist church not only gets to tell the world rushing by about the cross of Christ – but they get paid to do it! We are sure the people who need the cell-tower pay the church for use of the tower. That’s a win-win situation if I’ve ever heard of one!

So, what do you think of it? We think it’s amazing and wonderful, and we are so glad the church wanted to proclaim to the world about the Cross of Christ. It’s beautiful!



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