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Lord Help Us To Fly

18 Apr

From  the Heart

Louise Gibson

                                     The tragedy brought to light this week
                                     Has saddened hearts everywhere.
                                     Solace for the wounded and grieving
                                     Is at the heart of our fervent prayer.
                                     We mourn the loss of our fellow man-
                                     We digest the news as best we can.
                                     The Marathon, like 9-11,
                                     Has raised our voice to God in Heaven.
                                      Tragic things happen,
                                      We try to reason why.
                                      Something good must come from this-
                                      Lord, we need to fly.
                                      We must rise above the chaos,
                                      Negativity and fear-
                                     Lord, we can be overcomers
                                     As long as You are near.
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