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Company’s Coming

14 Feb

 On the Porch




Onisha Ellis








I popped in at our local Aldi this week to pick up a few items and was stopped in an aisle by a cascade of facial cream rolling across the floor. As I reached down to grab some of items, an older woman flashed a grin and pointed to the shopper who had caused the incident “She’s from out of town” I laughed then said “she must be very excited to be in Florida right now”.




It reminded me of the latter years of my parents’ lives, when February meant family from North Carolina and Massachusetts coming to visit. It meant lots of great food as the women shared the kitchen cooking Sunday Dinner quality meals every night. It meant lingering around the supper table to laugh, swap stories and plan the next day of fishing. They enjoyed surf fishing on our local beach, Playalinda, as well as the inlet at Port Canaveral.




Playalinda Beach - looking south

Playalinda Beach – looking south (Photo credit: Capt Kodak)


When they weren’t fishing they loved to find fresh citrus fruit the locals were selling. They would juice them and put it in the freezer. They especially enjoyed my parents lemon tree. It produced huge lemons and they would freeze the juice in ice cube trays. We were all sorry when a winter-freeze killed the tree.




Heading to the registers, I noticed a group of three older ladies preparing to check out. I could tell by their body language they were bickering over who was going to pay for what. I smiled as warm memories of those check out line arguments filled my mind. In my eyes, they were my mom and her two sisters each stating why they should pay. My aunt Eunice from Massachusetts frequently won by admonishing, “Don’t be silly, of course I am getting this, don’t make a scene.” It appeared the lady at the front of their group was using the same tactic.




I adore my mom’s family and I miss the ones who are gone. At our house, the announcement that company was coming was always joyously received. This Valentines Day I send my love to Eunice, Ray, Francis, Paul and Geroleen. I love you with all my heart.




Family Photo copy




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