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God is With Us…Always!

28 Jan

Walking by Faith, Not by Sight

Janet Perez Eckles

Reblogged God is with us…always!

I had a crazy day last week. Let me tell you what happened to me at Orlando’s airport.

Got there in plenty of time for my 6:40 am flight. Hubby dropped me off at curbside check in. Line was long until finally reaching the counter. Waited some more for passport check for my flight to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where I had several speaking engagements.

Then came the wait for an escort to the gate. The very LONG wait. Finally, one showed up. Looping my purse over my shoulder, white cane in one hand, I grabbed his arm with the other. We dashed toward security but we entered an incredibly long line. After waiting 45 minutes, the escort leaned toward me, “Your flight is boarding right now.”

Gulp, I was in trouble. We still had to go through security, board the tram to the gates, and head down the long, long corridor to my destination.

The escort took it upon himself to help folks ahead of us to speed up the process Finally through security, we dashed to the tram. Upon arrival I squeezed his arm, “I can run just fine,” I said, “can we run?”.

“Are you sure?”

I lifted my white cane in the air. “Yup. Let’s go.” We took off running, not fast walking, we’re talking high-speed running. (Good thing I had somewhat comfortable shoes).

He was out of breath. So was I. “Are you still okay,” he said.

“Yes, don’t stop.”

Finally, we slid into gate 108. “Oh no,” he said, “the doors are closed.”

We approached the counter. “Sorry, ma’am,” the agent said, “it left two minutes ago.”

She booked me for the next day.

The escort did his job, did his best, even went above his duty to help. But I still missed the flight.

Once I caught my breath, I turned to him, “Thank you so much for all you did.”

I started to give him a well-deserved tip.

“No, ma’am,” he said, “I’ll stay with you and take you wherever you need to be until someone picks you up.”

There’s a lesson for us.

God does the same thing. When we’re rushing through life, trying to make it to the finish line, to find that peace, that answer or that breakthrough, God is with us, removing the obstacles. But when the results aren’t exactly what we hoped for, He’s still there, by our side, helping, guiding and providing.

Our Divine Escort is committed to be with us. He will accompany us through the stress, the painful, and the disappointing. If you’re facing troubles and you’re running for relief, His Word whispers to your soul, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” (Psalm 46:1)

Thank you, Lord, that You are our strength, you are our provider as we rush through the airport of life. You are present, loving and available for us to lean on, to trust and reach our destination richly secure with Your loving companionship.


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