Random Memories of Germany-A Visit to Greece

18 Jul


We so loved living in Germany – the housing, the stores, the antiquities, being close to so many other countries of Europe – the food…just about anything and everything we could think of….is a great memory for us.

One of those memories is the time we were able to visit Greece.  WOW!  What an experience that was!  I never, in any imagination, did I think I would ever be able to visit that beautiful country!

It was in March of 1969 that Fred and I made the trip.  We left two-year-old Karen with some good church friends, and we left for a two-week trip to Greece.  I guess the main place we wanted to visit was Athens, and we did just that.  I’m not too sure just how much wandering around the town on our own we did.

We did do some of that wandering, because we came upon the Panatheniac Stadium for the “new” Olympics (the first modern Olympic Games, 1896, the only stadium built completely out of marble), and the plaque with the Olympic symbols.

We found a Greek War Memorial.  According to Google Search and Alamy photos, it is: dh Old town South NICOSIA CYPRUS Eleftheria Freedom monument liberty Lefkosia Podocataro

We found the St. Luke’s Byzantine Monastery.

We found the ruins of the Temple of Jupiter.

We found Hadrian’s Arch – and here is a picture of the Acropolis through the arch.

I know we did ramble through a lot of the ruins and the acropolis in Athens.  I believe we stayed most of one entire day on the acropolis, just being amazed that we were standing on those wonderful ruins that had been in existence for thousands of years.  I remember Fred sitting on a broken pillar, and stating “I never thought I would get here!”  Here is a picture of me inside the Parthenon and other pictures.  

I was fascinated by the ruins of Dionysus Amphitheater along one side of the Acropolis.

And here’s a picture of Fred sitting on one of the priest’s seats in that amphitheater.  Those marble seats must have been really hard for long-term sitting through the Greek plays performed there!

For some reason, I was especially taken with the Erectheoin.  Something about all those Greek women carved into the pillars just fascinated me. 

There is a legend about the olive tree planted alongside the Erectheoin.  From Google search and Culture Trip:

Legend has it that when it came to determining which god would be the patron deity of Athens, both Athena and Poseidon responded as wanting the position. The contest took place in the Acropolis, where both gods were asked to present their gifts to the city. Poseidon went first and raised his trident, smashing it on a rock of the Acropolis, thus, producing salt water. Athena went second and offered an olive tree, a gift the citizens of Athens deemed useful and beautiful; therefore, she became the patron of the city, which was named after her.

Credit Google search and Erick Drost/Flickr

And here’s a picture of that olive tree in 1969 – with Judy in the red dress.

I think I enjoyed the countryside of Greece as much as anything.  With the olive trees and the landscape – the countryside reminded me a lot of New Mexico.  Thoughts of “home” came to mind seeing that.

We did made one side-trip up to Delphi.  It was a bus trip that allowed us to see a lot of the Greek countryside along the way.  I especially wanted to get to Delphi, as I had read in one of my favorite books, that there is a stadium at the top of the amphitheater.  So Fred and I began the climb from Apollo’s Temple, up to the top of the amphitheater.  

Apollo’s Temple and amphitheater from top of the amphitheater

When we stopped to catch our breath, we saw the bus tour group heading down from the Temple back to the bus.  So we made a hurried trip down – never quite reaching the very top to see the stadium.  Shucks! 

But we were able to walk along the Sacred Way, and saw one remnant of an Oracle.  It was still a wonderful trip, and we are so glad we were able to make it.

Along the Sacred Way
The Oracle-along the Sacred Way

NOTE:  All pictures were by Fred and Judy Wills, except the one noted.

Judy is living in Central Florida with her retired U.S. Air Force husband of 50+ years. Born in Dallas, Texas, she grew up in the Southwestern United States.She met her husband at their church, where he was attending the university in her town. After college and seminary, he entered the Air Force, and their adventures began.They lived in eight of our United States, and spent six years in Europe, where their oldest daughter was born. She was a stay-at-home mom for many years .

  Judy has always been involved with music, both playing the piano and singing. Always interested in exercise, she was an aerobic dancing instructor, as well as a piano teacher for many years, and continues to faithfully exercise at home.

After moving to Central Florida, she served as a church secretary for nearly nine years.Her main hobby at this point in time is scanning pictures and 35mm slides into the computer. She also enjoys scrapbooking.She and her husband have two married daughters and four grandchildren, including grandtwins as well as a great-grandson. She and her husband enjoy the Disney parks as often as possible.

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  1. divoran09 July 18, 2021 at 10:19 am #

    Your number and variety of photos is astonishing and wonderful. See you this evening.




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